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Schedule at a Glance


7:30 am-5:00 pmRegistration Open
8:00 am-4:15 pmSatellite Event: 2019 Doorstep Meeting on Cancer: From Genome Instability to Therapy Separate registration is required. Click here for more information.
8:00 am-9:00 amMentoring Keynote: It's Personal

David Asai, Senior Director for Science Education, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Bethesda, MD

Who gets to participate in science? The "mismatch effect" plays an outsized and poorly understood role in our nation's debate about race, access, inclusion, and excellence. I plan to examine the idea of "mismatch" and offer my personal views on how mismatch is being misused.
This invited lecture recognizes an individual who has made outstanding, nationally recognized contributions to the mentoring of underrepresented minority scientists.
8:30-11:30 amSpecial Interest Subgroups – Morning
Biological Timing: Molecular Clocks and Timers, from Systems to Synthetic Biology
Building the Cell
Cell Biology Meets the Hippo Pathway
Cellular Symmetry Breaking
Kinesin Motors - What is Conventional?
Machine Intelligence and Statistics in Cell Biology
New Frontiers in Multifactor Regulation of Cytoskeleton
Nucleoporin Roles in Tissue Architecture, Development and Genetic Disease
Organelle Membrane Contact Sites and Cell Plasticity Control
Visualizing Immune Cell Activation

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8:30 am-4:00 pmProfessional Development Programming
Transitions Academy - Undergraduate Session: Preparing a Successful Application for Graduate School—the Do’s, the Don’ts, and the What If’s
Transitions Academy - Early Graduate Student Session: Hit the Ground Running as an Incoming Graduate Student to a PhD Program
Transitions Academy - Senior Graduate Student Session: Planning Your Next Step—Finding the Right Pos-Doctoral Position for Your Career
Transitions Academy - Postdoc Session—Developing a Plan for Your Scientific Independence, Easing the Transition from Postdoc to Independent Investigator
Transitions Academy - Postdoc Session—Developing a Plan for Your Scientific Independence, Easing the Transition from Postdoc to Independent Investigator
You Can Publish This Too! Developing, Publishing, and Highlighting Innovative Classroom Activities
12:30-3:30 pmSpecial Interest Subgroups – Afternoon
Bacterial Cell Organization
Bottom-Up Cell Biology
Building Complexity to Understand the Nicrotubule Cytoskeleton: From Regulation of Microtubule Dynamics to Coordination of Motor Ensembles
Epithelia and their Stem Cells
Lipids and Proteins in the Secretory Pathway- Homeostasis and Stress
Mechanics of Large Cellular Machines
Signaling at the Primary Cilium
Tools and Devices for Cell Biology
Tunneling Nanotubes and Other Cell Protrusions: Structure, Composition and Role in Inter-cellular Communication and Disease
Using Advanced Imaging to Redefine the Cell and Tissue Biology

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1:45-4:15 pmJudged Poster Session for Undergraduates and MAC Travel Awardees (During the abstract submission process, there is a place to indicate whether any authors are undergrads. All those undergrads indicated will receive an invitation in October to join the poster session.)
3:30-4:15 pmNetworking Break (New!)
4:30 pmKeynote Lecture
Keynote Speaker: Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
Copying the Genome in Eukaryotic Cells: Insights into the Evolution of Origin Specification and its Relationship to Gene Silencing Mechanisms.
6:00-7:30 pmOpening Night Reception and International Exchange Fair- Light food and cash bar.


Meet the Organizers


Sue Jasperson

Associate Investigator

Stowers Institute for Medical Research


Elly Tanaka

Senior Scientist

Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)

It’s the ‘big meeting’ I find most worthwhile - indeed, indispensable, - for networking, career development, and the most exciting science anywhere.

Abby Dernburg. University of California, Berkeley

Last year was my first time attending the ASCB|EMBO meeting and I learned so much! The diversity of topics and types of questions being asked were incredible, and provided me with new perspectives on my own research.

Anne d'Aquino, Northwestern University

The ASCB|EMBO meeting is the only one where you can hear outstanding science that covers the entire range of cell biology, plus have the opportunity to see new products and instruments and meet journal editorial staff and NIH Program Officials.

George Witman, University of Massachusetts Medical School

The ASCB|EMBO Meeting brings together the best scientists with the latest developments. It is a unique opportunity to see the freshest trends in cell biology, learn the new developments, make friends and have fun.

Leonardo Almeida-Souza, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK

Amazing meeting. It's THE meeting of the year to not miss. Great science, all fields of research are represented including very last discoveries on all model systems. The strong attendance by researchers from all over the world is a unique opportunity to make new contacts and collaborations. Hoping to attend the 2019 ASCB-EMBO meeting!!!

Chantal Roubinet, University College London, London (UCL)

The ASCB|EMBO meeting is great because there are so many opportunities to network with people in the field, learn about the latest groundbreaking research, and develop a new set of skills.

Cameron MacQuarrie, State University of New York Upstate Medical University

This meeting is a wonderful opportunity to learn, to network, and to grow professionally. I feel both inspired to pursue new lines of investigation and more knowledgeable of the tools to do so. Had I only known about this meeting a few years back, what a game changer it would have been. I will definitely return and will encourage my trainees to attend.

Ekaterina Heldwein, Tufts University School of Medicine

The annual ASCB meeting serves for me as a crash-course in cell biology. Over the years, I have also realized that several topics that were first introduced and discussed at this meeting have gone on to become the latest trends in science.

Noopur Vilas Khobrekar, Columbia University

The ASCB is The best platform to communicate one's science and receive feedback, as well as to keep abreast of the great science carried out all over the world. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet with greats in the different fields and to network. A truly inspiring meeting that brings together the best science from around the globe.

Sabrya Carim, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine