Be an Advocate for Science

Science policy advocacy and outreach are important parts of being a scientist. Your research could make important contributions to the discovery of cures and treatments for debilitating diseases. But you need to be a science policy advocate and share with your elected officials and the public the progress you are making in your research. You have an interesting story to tell and you owe it to those who are funding your research.

Science advocacy takes as much time as you have to give.

  • Minutes? make a phone call, send a tweet, or post on Facebook
  • An Hour? write a letter, author an Op-Ed, or attend a local meeting
  • A Day? give a tour of your lab, visit a local official’s office, or travel to Washington, DC
  • More? If you can devote more time, start a local science advocacy group

ASCB can help you with any of these activities. We have a series of “Be an Advocate for Science” how-to papers you can use, webinars on how to be an advocate, and Kevin Wilson, ASCB’s Vice President for Policy, Governance, and Meetings, is always willing to answer questions and provide advice.

“Be an Advocate for Science” how-to papers

The ASCB has a series of How To one-pagers offering suggestions on how you can be involved in science policy advocacy.

Tips on Crafting a Good Two Minute Speech

Advocacy Toolbox Two Minute Speech Checklist

Science Policy Advocacy from Home

Traditionally, science policy advocacy has meant going to Washington, DC to meet with elected officials. While that is still one part of advocacy, traveling to Washington is just one of many ways you can be an advocate for science. There are also many important advocacy activities you can engage in from home.

Student Policy and Advocacy Groups

Science Policy advocacy should be part of the life of every scientist, regardless of career stage. You can play an important advocacy role without even leaving campus. Start a science policy and advocacy group at your institution. ASCB has tips on how to start and then sustain a group.

Examples of other advocacy activities you can be involved in:


For questions or help about science policy advocacy, contact Kevin Wilson, ASCB’s Director of Public Policy and Media Relations.