David Burgess Award Presentation to Xuebiao Yao

November 22, 2023

This on-demand webinar celebrates and recognizes the winner of The David Burgess Award for Excellence in Inclusivity , Xuebiao Yao–a scientist with a track record of excellence in research and serves a critical role in fostering cell biology research and…

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Member Spotlight: Aubrey Smith, Ph.D.

February 16, 2024

Institution:Montgomery College. How long have you worked in the cell biology field?Approximately 20 years, with a mixture of cell biology,…

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Member Spotlight: Darnell D. Davis, BA, MHFA

February 12, 2024

Darnell Davis is a Research Fellow at the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) in the area of Molecular Biology,…

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MBoC Special Issue Call for Papers on Quantitative Cell Biology

February 9, 2024

Dear Colleagues, I hope this message finds you well and you had a great start to the New Year. To showcase…

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Watch ASCB’s 2021 year-in-review video

February 18, 2022

At the virtual December Council Meeting, Interim Co-CEOs Kevin Wilson and Thea Clarke listed the many accomplishments of ASCB in…

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Biology Research Opportunities in Federal Government Laboratories

February 5, 2021
, ,

The mission of US government research laboratories ranges from protecting our health, to defending our people and resources, to sending…

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Choosing the Right Postdoctoral Position for Your Career

February 5, 2021
, , , ,

This session will be a panel discussion focused on postdoctoral positions. An important career decision is whether to pursue a…

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How Cell Biologists Work with Raghu Padinjat

May 11, 2022

Let’s start with your name, current position, and location (click the links to see more about Raghu Padinjat, the lab, and NCBS): Prof. Raghu Padinjat; Professor & Dean of Research, Bangalore-India, National Centre for Biological Sciences What kind of research do you do? Cellular Neuroscience What is one word that best describes how you work?…


Returning to the lab and my career

May 11, 2023

Dear Labby, In March 2020, I was entering the last year of my postdoc when my child’s daycare center shut down and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because my partner’s job was secure and meaningful and paid twice as much as my postdoc stipend, I took the off-ramp. I finished up my research…

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Demystifying the Staff Scientist Role in Academic Labs

November 8, 2023

Biological and biomedical science labs in U.S. Academic settings employ over 8,000 research or staff scientists1. Despite prominent discussions of the value of the staff scientist and long-standing calls to expand their role in the U.S. biomedical training ecosystem2, the growth in the number of staff scientists over the last 15 years lags far behind…

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MBoC Call for Papers: Biomolecular Condensates

October 13, 2023

Lead editors Amy Gladfelter (University of North Carolina), Jeffrey B. Woodruff (UT Southwestern Medical Center), Huaiying Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University) invite you to submit your manuscript…

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Preprint Highlight: Competition and Synergy of Arp2/3 and Formins in Nucleating Actin Waves

September 18, 2023

While it is known that two classes of actin nucleators, Arp2/3 and formins, regulate F-actin assembly, it remains unclear how…

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Preprint Highlight: Cell free expression in proteinosomes prepared from native protein-PNIPAAm conjugates

August 29, 2023

Developing cell-free transcription and translation systems is a key challenge in engineering synthetic cells. While lipid-derived compartmentalization of such systems…

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Preprint Highlight: The pore-forming apolipoprotein APOL7C drives phagosomal rupture and antigen cross-presentation by dendritic cells

August 20, 2023

Conventional dendritic cells type 1 (cDC1s) specialize in antigen “cross-presentation”, a mechanism that involves the presentation of exogenous antigens on…

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Continuous endosomes form functional subdomains and orchestrate rapid membrane trafficking in trypanosomes

August 13, 2023

To escape the immune system, trypanosome parasites remove antibodies bound to their cell surface via fast endocytosis. However, such high…

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