About the Program

The ASCB MOSAIC Program (AMP) is a cohort-based professional skills development program that builds on the strengths of AMP scholars (K99/R00 grantees), their mentors, and departmental and university leaders to enhance the preparation, hiring, advancement, and success of AMP scholars in tenure-track, research-intensive faculty positions.

Who are AMP Scholars?

AMP scholars are selected K99 grantees who have received funding through the MOSAIC Postdoctoral Career Transitions Award.

This program will enable AMP scholars to:

  1. Identify their strengths and develop a plan to enhance them through professional development and networking
  2. Develop new skills through in-person and on-line training sessions
  3. Expand and strengthen their support network through cohort-based peer groups and mentoring

Matching with Trained Mentors

(Mentors click here for more information)

AMP Scholars will be matched with trained mentors from the ASCB community. The members of ASCB span a wide range of scientific fields, including biophysics, genetics, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and who work in biomedical technology, computational biosciences, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, and structural biology. The ASCB also has long-standing committees in the Minorities Affairs Committee (MAC) and the Women in Cell Biology Committee (WICB) where AMP Scholars will have access to mentors.

Match-Making Site Visits

  • AMP will facilitate match-making visits for AMP scholars in their K99 phase and institutions of interest to present their research and/or give chalk talks
  • AMP scholars will also meet with host department faculty and department chair
  • Each AMP scholar will have at least one site visit to expand their scientific and professional network and explore potential future candidacy


In-person and virtual workshop sessions will address a range of topics.  In-person programs will occur during AMP Scholars' workshops held in mid-autumn and through events at the ASCB|EMBO meeting in early December. Virtual workshops will run between one-hour to 1.5 hours in length. AMP will offer customized offerings based on each cohort.


Training Topics and Events

Summer 2021
Selection of 2021 Cohort
Join the ASCB and ASCB AMP Community (membership is covered by the program)

Year 1

In-person sessions

  • Resilience and work-life integration at all career stages
  • Grant writing 
  • The academic job search
    • Interviewing and negotiating

Virtual sessions

  • Scientific publishing
  • The academic job search
    • Applying to jobs

Year 2

Hybrid sessions

  • Scientific and professional communication
  • Responsible conduct of research

Virtual session

  • Budgeting

Year 3

In-person sessions

  • Lab management
  • 1.5-days NRMN mentoring training held in mid-autumn

Virtual session

  • Time management

Year 4

In-person session

  • Networking and self-advocacy

Virtual session

  • Planning ahead for the tenure dossier

Year 5

In-person session

  • Long-term academic advancement and building ties across the cell biology community


Special networking sessions will be held at the annual Cell Bio Meetings held in December.  Scholars will be able to present a poster, attend science, education, and professional development sessions, and interact with ASCB committees.

Questions? Please email Ashanti Edwards at aedwards@ascb.org



AMP Recipients

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AMP Testimonial # 2 information coming soon