Booker T. Davis IV, Ph.D.

Project Title: Fecal Microbiota Transfer Attenuates Aged Gut Dysbiosis and Functional Deficits after Traumatic Brain Injury

Northwestern University at Chicago

Claire L. Riggs, Ph.D.

Project Title: Stress tolerant annual killifish: a new model for the cellular stress response

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Cristina Roman-Vendrell, Ph.D.

Project Title: Mechanisms of endosomal dysfunction at synapses in a-synuclein pathology

Marine Biological Laboratory

Erica J Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Project Title: Dissecting the synaptic and circuit mechanisms underlying olfactory-driven social behavior

Columbia University Health Sciences

Ewa Karolina Bomba-Warczak, Ph.D.

Project Title: Mitochondrial Fidelity in Mammalian Neurons

Northwestern University at Chicago

Jaye Gardiner, Ph.D.

Project Title: Elucidating the epigenetic regulation of extracellular matrix and virus-induced fibroblast activation

Research Institute of Fox Chase Cancer Center

Joan M Pulupa, Ph.D.

Project Title: Identifying the mechanism of olfactory receptor gene regulation in olfactory neurons with live-cell imaging

Columbia University Health Sciences

Karl-Frederic Vieux, Ph.D.

Project Title: Studying the modulators and the physiological functions of RNA tailing in the C. elegans oocyte

U.S. National Inst Diabetes/Digst/Kidney

Laura Persson, Ph.D.

Project Title: Emergent Behavior in a Dish: Discovery of Bi-directional Spiraling as a Population Phenomenon in C. elegans Enables In-Depth Dissection of Mechanisms Underlying Group Behaviors

University Of California, San Francisco

Lydia Grmai, Ph.D.

Project Title: Stress response signaling as a metabolic sensor in reproduction

University Of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh

Mikael Garabedian, Ph.D.

Project Title: Characterizing the role of tumor suppressor phase separation and chromatin organization in maintaining genomic integrity

University Of Pennsylvania

Nicholas Jeremy Silva, Ph.D.

Project Title: Defining the interactions between microglia and synapses in brain development and disease

University Of California, San Francisco

Olya Yarychkivska, Ph.D.

Project Title: Nuclear and chromatin aberrations during non-apoptotic cell death in C. elegans and mammals

Rockefeller University

Rebecca Maria Parodi-Rullan, Ph.D.

Project Title: Cerebrovascular mitochondria as mediators of neuroinflammation in Alzheimers Disease

Temple University of the Commonwealth

Shanice Mitchell, Ph.D.

Project Title: Investigating the Pathological Features of Clonal Hematopoiesis-derived Macrophages

Stanford University

Tatiana Danela Viena, Ph.D.

Project Title: Nucleus reuniens of the thalamus as a target for driving network-wide memory states

Florida International University

Zara Weinberg, Ph.D.

Project Title: Understanding and rewiring cellular behavior with synthetic biology approaches

University Of California, San Francisco