Grants & Awards

The ASCB recognizes worthy scientists at various levels with a variety of prestigious awards and grants (see below).

Note: ASCB is unable to consider two people being nominated for the same award together. All awards are given only to one individual.

In addition, travel and childcare awards are offered to selected applicants to attend the annual meeting.

ASCB Awards

The following links contain information about the eligibility, application, and deadline for each award.

Trainee Awards
Open to graduate students and postdocs beginning their careers

Early and Mid-Career Awards
For members who have been independent investigators for up to 15 years

  • WICB Junior Award for Excellence in Research

    A woman or non-binary person in an early stage of their career (within seven years of appointment to an independent position at the nomination deadline) who is making exceptional scientific contributions to cell biology, is developing a strong independ…

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  • Günter Blobel Early Career Award

    This award is given to an outstanding life scientist who has served as an independent investigator for no more than seven years as of May 17. It was previously called the Early Career Life Scientist Award but was renamed in 2020 to honor Günter Blobel.

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  • NEW! Innovation in Research Award

    The ASCB Innovation in Research Award recognizes early and mid-career scientists for their new and innovative research in cell biology.  Innovation for this purpose is defined as an accomplishment that has significantly impacted progress in advancing t…

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  • NEW! Innovation in Education Award

    This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated innovation in education. Innovation is defined as a novel educational accomplishment that has significantly impacted progress in achieving ASCB’s mission on the basis of work done within 3 years…

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Early to Senior Awards
For members at all career stages

  • ASCB Prize for Excellence in Inclusivity

    ASCB’s Prize for Excellence in Inclusivity is an annual award recognizing one scientist who has a strong track record in research or serves a critical role in fostering cell biology research, and has demonstrated the importance of inclusion and diversi…

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  • Mentoring Keynote

    The Mentoring Keynote Lecture is given to an individual who exemplifies mentoring by their impact on the training of scientists and scholars who belong to underrepresented groups, particularly racial and ethnic minorities. The awardee is selected by th…

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  • MBoC Paper of the Year

    Chosen by MBoC Associate Editors, the first author of the paper judged to be the best of the year, from June to May. Nominators must be ASCB members.

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Senior Awards
For established investigators or tenured faculty

  • Sandra K. Masur Senior Leadership Award

    Any scientist at a later career stage (generally full professor or equivalent) whose outstanding scientific achievements are coupled with a record of active leadership in mentoring women and individuals from underrepresented groups in their scientific…

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  • Public Service Award

    The Society’s honor for national leadership supporting biomedical research is selected by the ASCB Public Policy Committee. The ASCB Public Service Award recognizes outstanding public service in support of biomedical research or advocacy of sound resea…

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  • E.B. Wilson Medal

    The E.B. Wilson Medal is presented to distinguished researchers for their far-reaching contributions to cell biology over a lifetime in science.

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  • Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education

    This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated innovative and sustained contributions to science education, with a priority on national impact of the nominee’s activities.

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  • ASCB Fellows

    Election as a Fellow of ASCB is an honor bestowed upon ASCB members by their peers. Fellows are recognized for their meritorious efforts to advance cell biology and/or its applications, and for their service to the Society. Successful nominees will be…

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  • E.E. Just Lecture

    The purposes of this award are to honor early 20th century biologist Ernest Everett Just, who made seminal contributions to cell and developmental biology, and to recognize the outstanding scientific achievements of a U.S. researcher belonging to an hi…

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  • Keith R. Porter Lecture

    This lecture, named in memory of Keith R. Porter, is presented annually at the ASCB|EMBO Meeting by an outstanding and innovative leader at the forefront of cell biology, who is actively contributing fundamental new knowledge to our understanding of ce…

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Past Awards
Awards no longer offered by the ASCB

ASCB Grants

Nominees for and recipients of ASCB honorific awards and prizes are expected to exemplify and to continue to exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct. Letters of support should explicitly address whether a nominee's professional conduct over their career embodies the principles and expectations noted in ASCB’s Mission Statement, the Anti-Harassment Policy and the Workforce Diversity Statement.