AMP Scholars will have three mentors:

  1. Postdoctoral mentor
  2. Additional scientific mentor, who is focused on the scholar’s research and may be outside of the scholar’s home institution
  3. Professional development mentor, who is focused on career advancement and may be outside of the scholar’s home institution

ASCB will facilitate matching AMP scholars with their professional development mentor, who will be selected from current or prior members of the ASCB MAC and WICB committees. If appropriate mentors cannot be found in this group then we will look in the broader ASCB membership. The members of ASCB span a wide range of fields including biophysics, genetics, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, and also boasts members who work on biomedical technology, computational biosciences, pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, and structural biology.

AMP Mentors:

  • dedicate 1-2 hours per month engaging with the AMP scholar
  • are selected by ASCB will be required to participate in a 1.5 National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) Entering Mentoring Training
  • will participate in Inclusivity Summits with departmental and university leaders
  • will participate in periodic refresher webinars on various topics to help support AMP scholars
  • gather at the ASCB|EMBO annual meeting to network and share new scientific findings
  • participate in year-round communications and networking on the ASCB online community


Current AMP Mentors:

Bob Goldstein, Researcher, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sue Biggins, Principal Investigator, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Zeba Wunderlich, Assistant Professor, Boston University
Avery August, Professor, Cornell University
Erika Holzbaur, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Jodi Nunnari,  Professor, University of California, Davis
Lillian Fritz-Laylin, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Aaron F. Straight, Professor, Stanford University
Brian Chorley, Researcher, US Environmental Protection Agency
Sharon Tooze, Senior Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute
Avital Rodal, Brandeis University
JoAnn Trejo, University of California, San Diego

*Please note that non-ASCB mentors for the AMP Scholars are invited and encouraged to participate in the 1.5 days NRMN Mentor training and the 1.5-day Inclusivity Summit. The NRMN Training and Inclusivity Summit will run simultaneously in mid-autumn (tentatively) annually.