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Special Interest Subgroups

Special Interest Subgroups

Special Interest Subgroups are 3-hour member organized sessions that take a deeper dive into the various specialty subjects under the umbrella of cell biology. Organizers will select speakers, and arrange the schedule for the sessions.

New this year- All talks in a Special Interest Subgroup session will require an abstract submission. Members organizing these sessions will receive five complimentary submissions for invited speakers but can encourage others to submit as well. Organizers will have the opportunity to read through all abstracts submitted to their topic to allow them to design their sessions with the most cutting edge research available.

Organizational and Financial Guidelines

Financial and Organizational Guidelines for Special Interest Subgroups at the 2019 ASCB|EMBO Meeting

ASCB | EMBO Responsibilities

The ASCB | EMBO will provide the following facilities and services and incur the expenses associated with them for approved member-organized Subgroup sessions:

  1. Five (5) Complimentary Abstract Submissions for organizers or speakers invited for their session.
  2. A room in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, set theater-style. If you require a different room set, please contact by August 19. An additional expense may apply.
  3. The following audiovisual equipment: screen; a MAC; a mouse and keyboard for the MAC; lighted lectern; LCD projector; confidence monitor; laser pointer; timer; microphones for the lectern, table, and aisle; and a video switcher. A projectionist will also be assigned to your session. If a PC is needed in the room, please contact Alison Harris at, otherwise none will be provided.
  4. Announcements of the session on the 2019 ASCB | EMBO Meeting website and in the Mobile App and 2019 ASCB | EMBO Meeting Program.
Organizer Responsibilities
  1. If your subgroup is selected, you are required to inform all of your speakers to submit abstracts by August 1st.
  2. Organizers are responsible for reviewing abstracts and designing their sessions from August 5 through August 19
  3. Ensure your speakers are aware of these policies:
    1. The Society does not pay any additional expenses (such as speaker travel, registration, or other expenses) beyond what is listed above under “ASCB | EMBO Responsibilities.”
    2. Anyone attending a session in any capacity (including invited speakers and organizers) should be paid registrants of the 2019 ASCB | EMBO Meeting. There will be no admission to any session if individuals are not registered for the meeting.
  4. Any materials that organizers wish to distribute to attendees must be submitted to SPARGO at  by November 1, 2019, for approval prior to printing for distribution. No signage, other than what the ASCB provides, will be allowed outside of the meeting room or taped to walls/doors—no exceptions.

Organizers may incur optional expenses. The ASCB will not pay for these expenses:

  1. Food or beverage. This must be ordered through Aramark at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. No outside food or beverage can be served. You will be billed directly by Aramark at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.
  2. Audiovisual equipment in addition to what is listed above. This must be ordered through PPT by contacting Holly Alderton at 301-575-2754, or email at You will be billed directly by PPT.
  3. Speaker expenses. Anyone attending a Special Interest Subgroup, including speakers and organizers, must be registered for the 2019 ASCB | EMBO Meeting.

Contact SPARGO, Inc., Exhibit, Sponsorship and Advertising Sales and Management, to discuss fundraising opportunities.


You and your accepted speakers must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • not to defame anyone
  • not to slander/libel anyone
  • not to use copyright/trademark materials without permission
  • not to speak on anything other than what was agreed to
Subgroup Organizer Information
2019 Subgroup Topics


" The Special Interest Subgroups generated the most excitement at the meeting - they give a wide range of people get a chance to talk, they reflect what the membership finds interesting/exciting and it is all about the science and an exchange of ideas. "

"The subgroups are the most dynamic and well-attended part of the meeting. "


"The Saturday Subgroups are a wonderful learning opportunity."