Speaker Resource Center

Questions? ascbinfo@ascb.org.

We are looking forward to your presentation at Cell Bio Virtual 2020-An ASCB|EMBO Meeting! Please find below, all of the information and resources you will need to prepare for the virtual meeting.

Please pay attention to all deadlines, the most important being the submission of your pre-recorded talk (between November 4 and November 23 for most speakers), and the registration deadline for speakers of November 9 so we can be sure to list you as a speaker in your session and give you speaker access for the live Q&A.

You are welcome to use your own slide template for your slides, or click here to download the PowerPoint (.ppt) slide template.

Official Meeting Background: If you plan to use background for your zoom video during your narrated talk or live Q&A, we encourage you to download and use one of the two official meeting backgrounds. Click here to access and download.