Special Interest Subgroups

Member-Organized Special Interest Subgroups take a deep dive into the seven scientific meeting tracks by exploring a wide-range of specialty subjects under the umbrella of each topic area. These sessions are 3 hours in length and abstracts are submitted and selected for talks. Organizers can solicit speakers to submit abstracts, and are encouraged to select additional talks from other abstracts submitted to their session.

Subgroup Organizer Responsibilities & Guidelines

Subgroup Organizer Responsibilities

  1. Identify and invite speakers to participate in your Subgroup session. Names of speakers are submitted during the application process. 
  2. Inform all invited speakers to submit abstracts by July 30, 2020. All Subgroup speakers must submit abstracts through the Cell Bio Virtual 2020 Abstract Submission system. 
  3. Review abstracts submitted to your Subgroup topic and select abstracts to design and schedule your session. The review period will take place from July 31 through August 10.
  4. Register for Cell Bio Virtual 2020. All speakers and organizers must be registered for Cell Bio Virtual 2020. Admission will not be granted if individuals are not registered.
  5. Communicate with speakers about their role and the meeting policies. Ensure speakers are registered and understand they are responsible for their travel expenses.
  6. Organizers may incur optional expenses, beyond what ASCB provides. 
Availability Requirements

Subgroup Organizers must be available during the following time periods:

  • Friday, July 31 through Monday, August 10 - Abstract Review and Selection Period

You and your accepted speakers must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Not to defame or slander/libel anyone
  • Not to use copyright/trademark materials without permission
  • Not to speak on anything other than what was agreed to

ASCB Responsibilities

ASCB will provide the following services and incurred expenses:

  1. Five (5) complimentary abstract submissions for organizers and/or invited speakers
  2. Marketing of the session on the Cell Bio Virtual 2020 website.