Special Interest Subgroups

Member-Organized Special Interest Subgroups take a deep dive into specialty subjects under the seven scientific meeting tracks.

  • All talks are to be selected from submitted abstracts. Organizers may ask speakers of interest to submit an abstract to their session.
  • New! Sessions will run for either 90 minutes or 150 minutes. Session duration will be assigned prior to speaker notification. Requests for duration will not be considered.

Organizing a Subgroup Session

Subgroups are completely organized by members from session idea to format, speaker selection, and schedule. Organizers can only be accepted to organize one Subgroup session.

Eligibility: All organizers must be ASCB members.

Not an ASCB member? Join/renew your ASCB membership to become eligible.

This application is now closed.  

How to Apply

Process Overview

Subgroup Organizer ApplicationsApplications accepted for consideration in organizing a Subgroup session.Deadline: April 20
Subgroup Organizer ReviewProgram Committee Chairs review applications.April 27 to May 11
Subgroup Organizer NotificationsApplicants receive selection notifications.May 17
Abstract SubmissionAbstracts received for talk consideration in Subgroups.Opens early June; Closes August 1
Abstract ReviewSubgroup organizers review and assign abstracts to their sessions.August 4 to 14
Session SchedulingSubgroup organizers finalize Subgroup talk schedules.August 15 to 22
Speaker NotificationsAbstract submitters receive selection notifications. Week of September 7