Tim Fessenden

Tim Fessenden is a postdoctoral fellow studying immune cell motility and tumor immunology in Stefani Spranger’s lab at MIT. Tim holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Chicago where he worked with Margaret Gardel on the actin cytoskeleton and collective cell motility. In his free time Tim coproduces the podcast GLiMPSE, along with two other postdocs at MIT (glimpse.mit.edu). Twitter: @timisstuck Email: tim.fessenden@gmail.com

Why so serious? The surprising importance of informal seminars

March 15, 2019
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In academia, seminars are the classrooms we never really leave. As a keystone of intellectual exchange, seminars, whether large or…

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How to enjoy feeling stupid after you switch fields

February 28, 2019

Going from a PhD to a postdoc changes almost everyone’s field of research in some big or small way. Perhaps…

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How to ignore good advice and postdoc in a newly opened lab

February 1, 2019

Once we reach the end of our PhD, grad students interested in an academic postdoc are united by one thing:…

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