Tim Fessenden

Directing science outreach and education before and after COVID-19

July 29, 2021
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Many of us are committed to outreach and educating the public about science, but what is it like to do…

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Components for a smooth transition to a career outside academia: the cover letter and resume

April 6, 2021
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Pandemic or no, many PhD students and postdocs are leaving their programs and looking forward to starting a career in…

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Mental health resources for trainees are more important than ever

August 28, 2020
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Over the years, my siblings and close friends have sought mental health resources like therapy, psychoanalysis, or psychiatry, so I…

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How COVID-19 impacts undergraduate housing

March 31, 2020
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“To the members of the MIT community: When I wrote last week, we understood that our approach to campus life…

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Why so serious? The surprising importance of informal seminars

March 15, 2019
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In academia, seminars are the classrooms we never really leave. As a keystone of intellectual exchange, seminars, whether large or…

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How to enjoy feeling stupid after you switch fields

February 28, 2019

Going from a PhD to a postdoc changes almost everyone’s field of research in some big or small way. Perhaps…

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How to ignore good advice and postdoc in a newly opened lab

February 1, 2019

Once we reach the end of our PhD, grad students interested in an academic postdoc are united by one thing:…

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