Amanda Haage

Amanda Haage is a newly minted assistant professor at the University of North Dakota. She previously trained as a postdoctoral fellow in Guy Tanentzapf’s Lab at the University of British Columbia and received her PhD in 2014 from Iowa State University in Ian Schneider’s Lab. She is generally interested in how the microenvironment regulates cellular behavior as well as promoting diversity and inclusion in science. Twitter: @mandy_ridd and Email:

What’s it all about? single-cell sequencing

August 16, 2019

One of the first things you’re taught in biology is the basic components of a cell. You learn how cells…

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Five tips for surviving the academic job market

April 19, 2019
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“I’m going on the job market”—me, May 2018. At the time I had no idea of the gravity this statement…

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What’s it all about? 3D bioprinting

October 26, 2018

The idea of scientists growing body parts in the lab usually conjures up images of popular science fiction, too farfetched…

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Spotlight: COMPASS Outreach Grant Recipients Spring/Summer 2018

September 14, 2018

Science is an endeavor that impacts everyone. The ultimate goal of science is the advancement of humankind, through exploration, medical…

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preLights: Preprint highlights for biology

July 13, 2018
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Preprints are a growing trend that is pushing the pace of dissemination of scientific information. preLights is a new service that…

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What’s it all about? Microfluidics

June 15, 2018

This installment of “What’s it all about?” will attempt to demystify the exciting miniature world of microfluidic technology, particularly as…

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Six ways to start something new in the lab

April 13, 2018
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You walk into the lab right on time (before 9:00 am of course!), pull out your precisely written protocol from…

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Lego Grad Student: Stepping one brick up in academia

March 1, 2018
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Academia can be filled with intense passion, fruitful discovery, and rewarding self-fulfillment. That’s the dream, right, the reason we are…

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What's it all about? Super Resolution Microscopy

February 9, 2018

This installment of “What’s It All About?” aims to tackle the exciting field of super resolution microscopy. For centuries scientists…

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Spotlight on 2017 Fall COMPASS outreach grant recipients

December 1, 2017

Science outreach can be many things—teaching and inspiring a younger generation of scientists, communicating results in an accessible way to…

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