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MBoC Plans Special Issue on Forces On and Within Cells

David Drubin, Editor-in-Chief of Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC), has announced that the journal will publish a special issue in summer 2017 entitled “Forces On and Within Cells.”  Four experts in the field will  … Read more

Cellular Communities of Bacteria and More Coalesce at ASCB 2016

Bacteria may seem like exceedingly simple and lonely organisms, but more and more evidence shows they can communicate, act collectively, and respond to their changing environments. At the 2016 ASCB Annual Meeting “Cellular Communities” Symposium,  … Read more

Graduate Student Teaching: What Cell Biology and Statistics Have in Common

Most career paths in academia will at some point require teaching responsibilities. Expectations vary in terms of teaching responsibilities between large research universities/medical schools and small universities/colleges. Unlike some focused training resources available for postdoctoral  … Read more

Cell News—Molecular teamwork makes dynein stronger

The Olympics isn’t the only place where teams are competing to be the strongest. In cells a molecular tug-of-war pulls cargo along microtubule tracks, and kinesin is thought to be the strongest motor protein, producing  … Read more

The Ethics of Authorship in Science

The publication of original findings plays a pivotal role in the advancement of science and technology, regardless of the scientific discipline. Moreover, it provides an empirical and theoretical rationale for the generation of new hypotheses,  … Read more

Researcher Who Made the Fly Fly Again in Genetics Criticizes NIH Narrowing of Model Organism Support

“The NIH’s broad and species-diverse program of basic research during the last 60 years generated a revolution in our understanding of biology and medicine,” writes Allan S. Spradling, professor at the Carnegie Institution for Science  … Read more

Univ NM’s IRACDA for teaching postdocs has 2 slots – apply now!

The ASERT Program at the University of New Mexico is an IRACDA program that has 2 slots left for postdocs seeking dual training in research and teaching — Apply Now! Start date Sept. 1, 2016. The  … Read more