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Conquering the Scientific Rut

Although scientists often embark on research questions full steam ahead, there are times along the way where they may encounter a classic “scientific rut,” especially after dealing with frustrations associated with research. Symptoms of this  … Read more

Cell News—Cap and shoulder above in muscle plasma membrane repair

Now you’ve done it. Run too far, lifted too much, or played tennis too long. You’re worried that you may have injured skeletal muscle but even while you’re rounding up ice packs, your muscle cells  … Read more

Cell News—Scaling up DNA editing

Easily editing a cell’s native DNA to make specific proteins glow is a cell biologist’s dream. The glowing GFP-tagged proteins can be followed and monitored as they go about their business. But with over 20,000  … Read more

A Cellular “Google Earth” Is First Big Project of Allen Institute, Horwitz Tells ASCB Council

The Allen Institute for Cell Science was officially announced two years ago at an ASCB Annual Meeting by a former ASCB Council member so it seemed fitting for Rick Horwitz, the Institute’s Executive Director, to  … Read more

Cell News—First evidence of prions in flowering plants

Their very existence was once controversial but prions now move in the best scientific circles, having been documented in animals including human and in yeast as a non-genetic but heritable mechanism for cell regulation. But  … Read more

Research Ethics First, Accolades Later

Most of us became scientists because we are curious about the world around us,and want to delve deeply into how things work. My wish for the scientific enterprise is that scientists continue to report their  … Read more

Josh Henkin—Founder and Career Counselor at STEM Career Services

1. Please describe your current position. I am the founder of STEM Career Services. STEM Career Services is a career counseling company that specializes in working with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates and  … Read more