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Baltimore city youngsters combine art and science through Society funded program

Few things are more energizing than a classroom full of youngsters fully engaged in learning. Such was the case one Wednesday afternoon in Baltimore, MD, when third and fourth graders at the Elmer A. Henderson:  … Read more

Three ways to improve the culture of lab-life balance

You’re exhausted from working long hours, but have you ever asked yourself how you spent your time? We live in a science culture where we feel like we are good students or postdocs only if  … Read more

A good day at the polls for life science

The results of the Congressional elections on Tuesday have a little something to make everyone happy and a little something to make them sad. The life science research community in the United States should feel  … Read more

Practical tips to make your lab more sustainable

If you’ve done bench work in a cell biology lab in the last 10 years, you’ve almost certainly used a product called a mini-prep kit to purify plasmid DNA from a bacterial culture. Depending on  … Read more

EMBO Gold Medal Winners Honored for Research on Meiosis Mistakes, Bacterial Defense
October 2018 Newsletter

German biochemist and ASCB member Melina Schuh and Czech microbiologist Marek Basler have been awarded the 2018 EMBO Gold Medal. The award is given each year to scientists under the age of 40 who have  … Read more

What’s it all about? 3D bioprinting

The idea of scientists growing body parts in the lab usually conjures up images of popular science fiction, too farfetched to ever be considered outside of a mad scientist stereotype. In reality, the fields of  … Read more

Inaugural Porter Prizes for Research Excellence
October 2018 Newsletter

ASCB has named the winners of the inaugural Porter Prizes for Research Excellence. The $4,000 prize for outstanding postdoctoral research will go to Melanie White, a research fellow at Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology  … Read more