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Promoting Scholarly Evaluation of Teaching: Addressing the Third Rail of Academia
August 2018 Newsletter

Education is perhaps the fundamental form of investment societies or individuals can make in their own future welfare. It is a core enterprise of our research universities, and national discussions around improving the quality of  … Read more

A window into a scientific career in Japan

Being a scientist is a special job. We can do our research everywhere in the world. This freedom means we can choose to work on potentially every continent—so why waste an opportunity to work abroad?  … Read more

Physical sciences meet cell biology in special edition ‘Forces’ issue

The second annual edition of “Forces On and Within Cells, a special issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), launched August 8, online.  The collection  … Read more

PALM Network: Developing Science Educators One Best Practice at a Time
August 2018 Newsletter

Helping to develop top-notch science educators is among ASCB’s top goals as a society. To support this endeavor, in 2016 ASCB and other societies and organizations piloted the Promoting Active Learning and Mentor (PALM) Network.  … Read more

Günter Blobel
In Memoriam: Günter Blobel, A Voyager of the Cell
August 2018 NewsletterIn Memoriam

It was with profound sadness that the cell biology community learned of the death of Günter Blobel on February 18, 2018, unanticipated by most outside his immediate circle. We can always envision “creators” in science  … Read more

How Cell Biologists Work: Omar Quintero on the power of undergraduate scientists

Omar Quintero is an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Richmond, in Richmond, VA. The University of Richmond is a liberal arts school and a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI). Quintero’s lab is broadly  … Read more

Conflict in the Lab: A Problem and an Opportunity
June 2018 Newsletter

  Conflict is a normal part of working with other people. If it is identified early and resolved effectively, it can be an engine for productivity and improvement. If it is left unresolved, the damage  … Read more