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Tone deaf?
April 2018 NewsletterDear Labby

Dear Labby, As a first-year woman medical student, I have appreciated my medical school’s efforts to mitigate unconscious bias. However, today in my pathology lab I had an experience that made me feel belittled and  … Read more

Burnout: solutions from 10,000 feet

As the spring semester comes to an end, I often find myself joking with our first-year graduate students, “Welcome to grad school!” After a year in the lab, they have begun to understand the demands  … Read more

Insights for STEM researchers on going global: A voice from the social sciences
April 2018 NewsletterWICB Columns

Increasing American women’s representation and impact in scientific and technical fields is not only a national imperative—it’s a global goal, and it requires women in STEM to go global! When it comes to international scientific  … Read more

Career Perspectives: Christy Trejo, Research Scientist at BioSpyder Technologies, Inc.

Please describe your current position. BioSpyder Technologies, Inc. is a relatively small biotech company that features a potent assay for high-throughput gene expression profiling. As a research scientist, I am responsible for building on the  … Read more

MBoC solicits papers for a special issue on the Cell Biology of Stem Cells
April 2018 Newslettermboc

Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) Editor-in-Chief David Drubin has announced plans to publish a Special Issue on an important emerging area of cell biology, the Cell Biology of Stem Cells. Yukiko Yamashita, Diane Barber,  … Read more

Six ways to start something new in the lab

You walk into the lab right on time (before 9:00 am of course!), pull out your precisely written protocol from your perfectly organized binder, and get to work. After executing each step flawlessly in a  … Read more

What scientific publishing could look like
April 2018 Newsletter

If we were to create a way to share scientific research progress today, what would it look like? In this age of immediate digital publishing, it probably wouldn’t take months. In these times of user-generated  … Read more