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Scientists helping scientists

As the rains from Hurricane Harvey came to an end along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, the generosity of ASCB members showed itself once again with offers of support ranging from bench space to  … Read more

The scientist’s dilemma: The average person doesn’t understand what I do

In April over a million people marched in 600+ marches around the world advocating for science. As a scientist who wanted to be part of that movement, I pursued communications training through the STEM Ambassador  … Read more

How Cell Biologists Work: Derek Applewhite on introducing undergraduates to the wonders of microscopy

Derek Applewhite is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Reed College, in Portland, Oregon. Applewhite’s lab studies the mechanisms of cytoskeleton regulation that are critical for cell shape change and cell movements. The Applewhite lab  … Read more

Four ways trainees can use leadership as self-care

What does your go-to example of a leader look like? Is it the president of your university? A camp counselor who took your group on an overnight hike? It might be easy to think of  … Read more

Opinion on GSI by Sam Dundon

For background and information on the GSI and NGRI, click here As a postdoctoral researcher in the process of seeking funding, I have had numerous discussions with other postdocs as well as graduate students and  … Read more

What’s it all about? CRISPR/Cas

Science changes over time. The collective knowledge of a field builds upon itself as new techniques allow us to ask new questions and find new answers. Sometimes as trainees we become ultra-focused on our current experiments  … Read more

Medical Science Liaison: a career option for PhDs

In the past, earning a PhD degree would typically lead to an academic position at a research institute or university. However, PhDs do not necessarily have to choose the path of academia and research. It’s  … Read more