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Career Perspectives: Michael Lang, Consulting Associate at Charles River Associates

Please describe your current position. I use quantitative and qualitative market research as well as structured analytics to deliver insights that help pharmaceutical and biotech clients value and prioritize market opportunities and launch new brands.  … Read more

Five fun ways to keep up with science outside your job

Remember before science was your job? Chances are, you were a science-lover who read up on and was curious about all different types of science. I certainly used to be excited about all things science,  … Read more

Montell offers guidance for bringing politicians into the lab

The American Society for Cell Biology encourages its members to write letters to their local government official, meet with members of Congress on Hill Day, or otherwise engage with the policy-making process in any way  … Read more

Curry calls for renewed dedication to DORA mission

At the 2012 meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco, a group of scientific publishers and editors gathered to call for a paradigm shift in how the value of research significance  … Read more

What’s it all about? Super Resolution Microscopy

This installment of “What’s It All About?” aims to tackle the exciting field of super resolution microscopy. For centuries scientists have been limited technically by the diffraction limit of traditional light microscopy. Structures a few  … Read more

Burnout syndrome: five ways to keep it together

Science is an extremely intensive endeavor. The erratic hours, the long experiments in the lab, and the repeated streaks of inconsistent or negative data together take a toll. What’s more, science is stressful. Deadlines for  … Read more

A positive spin on the power of negative data

When discussing our recent experiments, I often hear fellow grad students say, “it didn’t work.” But, in fact, the experiment did work; it just wasn’t the needed or expected result. In other words, it was  … Read more