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COMPASS: Who are we?

COMPASS, or Committee for Postdocs and Students, are a group composed of graduate students and postdocs who represent the interests of trainees within ASCB. Our committee members come from institutes and universities all around the world!  … Read more

Members of the ASCB leadership on Hill Day. (L-R) Jodi Nunnari, Rocio Gomez, Kerry Bloom, Sadie Wignall, Andrew Ewald, Gary Gorbsky, Deepali Bhandari, Bob Goldstein, Julie Theriot, Andrew Murray, Erika Shugart, Rebecca Heald, Janet Iwasa, Sue Jaspersen.
ASCB Leadership on the Hill
August 2018 Newsletter

The day after the spring ASCB Council Meeting, eight ASCB Council members were joined by five members of ASCB committees for a series of meetings on Capitol Hill. The Council members included ASCB President Jodi  … Read more

Predators and Prey in Publishing
August 2018 NewsletterDear Labby

DEAR LABBY: I’m a mid-career faculty member in a biology department at a large public university. Our department has been fortunate to recruit some really promising new assistant professors within the last few years. I  … Read more

MBoC seeks submissions for 5th issue on quantitative cell biology

The American Society for Cell Biology announces that their journal, Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) seeks submissions for the Fifth Annual Special Issue on Quantitative Cell Biology. This issue will build on the successes of four previous issues  … Read more

The importance of an elevator speech

It’s called an “elevator pitch” or “speech,” but it could also be referred to as the “water cooler speech,” the “cocktail party speech,” or the standard blurb you use at your family get-togethers. When time  … Read more

Promoting Scholarly Evaluation of Teaching: Addressing the Third Rail of Academia
August 2018 Newsletter

Education is perhaps the fundamental form of investment societies or individuals can make in their own future welfare. It is a core enterprise of our research universities, and national discussions around improving the quality of  … Read more

A window into a scientific career in Japan

Being a scientist is a special job. We can do our research everywhere in the world. This freedom means we can choose to work on potentially every continent—so why waste an opportunity to work abroad?  … Read more