ASCB launches Emerging Researcher Talk series

Beginning in February 2022, the American Society for Cell Biology launches the inaugural edition of the Emerging Researcher Talk Series. Speakers were selected from a review of the high-ranking abstracts that were submitted for the Cell Bio Virtual 2021 meeting but were not chosen for talks.

Twenty ASCB members were selected to present in the series, which will be broadcast in live webinars through November 2022. Each event occurs on the third Thursday of the month, will focus on a single topic related to the research discipline tracks of the annual meeting, and will feature two speakers – one PhD candidate and one postdoctoral scholar.

“We are pleased to offer this additional speaking opportunity to some of the Society’s brightest and most ambitious researchers,” said series creator Ashanti Edwards, ASCB’s Director of Professional Development. “ASCB understands that the annual meeting offers a finite number of slots for speakers across the minisymposia and subgroups, so we wanted to find another way to showcase these up-and-coming researchers’ science throughout the year.”

Laura DiGiovanni, a PhD candidate in the Cell Biology Department at the Hospital for Sick Children and Biochemistry Department, University of Toronto; and Chen Yuan Kam, a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine, will kick off the first talk on February 17 at 12 pm ET. Registration for the talks is free and open to the public; the ability to view the recorded talk after the fact is reserved for ASCB members only.

The entire speaker list, topics, and dates are listed below. Times may vary. Please visit the ASCB Emerging Researcher Talks website for speaker bios, talk titles, abstracts, the exact times, and to register to attend:

Emerging Researcher Talks

February 17:  Cells in Distress and Disease

Graduate Student Speaker: Laura DiGiovanni

Postdoc Speaker: Chen Yuan Kam

March 17: Cellular Dynamics

Graduate Student Speaker: Maria Lastra Cagigas

Postdoc Speaker: Mugdha Sathe

April 21: Cellular Genome

Graduate Student Speaker: Liliana Bento-Lopes

Postdoc Speaker: Joanna Filipowska

May 19: Communal Cell

Graduate Student Speaker: Peter Stuckey

Postdoc Speaker: Ramya Varadarjan

June 16: Physical Cell

Graduate Student Speaker: Hongkang Zhu

Postdoc Speaker: Michael Piacentino

September 15: Signaling and Metabolism

Graduate Student Speaker: Tamara Moretti

Postdoc Speaker: Yumi Konagaya

October 20: Specialized Cell and Evolution

Graduate Student Speaker: Kristin Dahl

Postdoc Speaker: Juliet Girad

November 17: Cellular Dynamics

Graduate Student Speaker: Taylor Medwig-Kinney

Postdoc Speaker: Daniel Cortes

About the Author:

Mary Spiro is ASCB's Strategic Communications Manager.