Preprint Highlight: Age-dependent loss of cohesion protection in human oocytes

Highlighted By: Vijayalakshmi V. Subramanian, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Tirupati

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Significance Statement:

  • Age-dependent loss of cohesion is a determinant of aneuploidy in human oocytes. Mechanisms for how this loss is triggered with age are not known.

  • Using oocytes from human participants of various ages, the authors correlate loss of Sgo2, a protector of cohesins, with age-related meiosis II cohesion defects including increased inter-kinetochore distances and single chromatids. High-resolution microscopy reveals age-dependent loss of Sgo2 specifically from pericentromeric bridges, but not from centromeric regions.

  • This study highlights the role of pericentromeric cohesins in upholding sister-chromatid cohesion, even when centromeric cohesins are protected. This work is relevant to researchers interested in chromosome biology, meiosis, aneuploidy mechanisms, and fertility.

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Age-dependent loss of cohesion protection in human oocytes
Bettina P Mihalas, Gerard H Pieper, Cerys E Currie, David A Kelly, Geraldine M Hartshorne, Andrew D McAinsh, Richard A Anderson, Adele L Marston
bioRxiv 2023.01.13.523952; doi:


This Preprint Highlight was previously published in Molecular Biology of the Cell on Apr 20, 2023:



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