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Since its formation, the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) has been the scientific home for researches from all sectors—academia, industry, government, and nonprofit—all focused on the cell, the basic unit of life. By becoming an ASCB member, you join a diverse, global and multidisciplinary community of more than 6,500 fellow scientists in over 60 countries representing every research area pertaining to the cell.

The collective voice of ASCB advocates for:

  • Increased funding for science
  • Fair research assessment
  • Increased diversity in the scientific workforce
  • Other issues important to our members

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Erin Goley, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“ASCB was the first scientific society I joined as a new PhD student, and I’ve been a proud member ever since. The Society creates a scientific community where I feel at home and find career support and exciting science year-round.”

Kerry Bloom

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Between the colleagues, the camaraderie, the science, the social conscience, and the annual meeting, I deeply feel that the society provides a means to contribute to the scientific enterprise beyond one’s own laboratory.”

Alissa Armstrong

University of South Carolina

“What I really like about ASCB is the emphasis on professional development, grant writing, diversity, equity and inclusion, and mentoring.” “Mentoring very strongly comes to mind when I think of ASCB.”

Beata Edyta Mierzwa

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

“Being an ASCB member has been an excellent way for me to connect with the cell biology community, and has provided me with access to valuable resources. I love the idea of supporting a society that advocates for innovative scientific research, education, policy, and diversity.”

Who Our Members Are

The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is proud to be the professional community for:

  • Research scientists in academia and industry
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Educators (community college instructors)
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students

Meet Our Members


Member Benefits

No matter where you are in your scientific journey, ASCB offers you the resources, training, and community to help you advance your career.


Career/Professional Development

Funding & Recognition
  • ASCB awards for members at all career stages that (many of which include cash prizes)
  • Grants for outreach projects
  • Travel grants to travel to the ASCB|EMBO Cell Bio Meeting
  • Opportunity to be featured in an ASCB Member Spotlight.




Member Types


Member Category

12-Month Membership

(Valid Jan 1-Dec 31, 2024)


Individuals working in cell biology or related fields.

1 year $216
2 year $432
5 year $1,166

Individuals who hold a PhD or equivalent degree or have equivalent experience, and are actively engaged in a training program. Postdoctoral membership status discontinues if not renewed and may be held for a maximum of five consecutive years.

1 year $90
2 year $180

Educators who are actively teaching full-time at a two-year institution that does not grant degrees higher than Associate level (community college, junior college) or high school

1 year $62
2 year $124
Grad Student

Individuals who are either doctoral candidates in good standing or working toward completion of a master’s degree.

1 year $50
2 year $100

Individuals who are enrolled as undergraduates, or who received undergraduate degrees within the prior two years and are not in graduate school. Undergraduate membership is limited to six consecutive years.

1 year $26
2 year $52
Emeritus Member

Regular Members in good standing who are retired from active employment, were Society members for at least 10 years, and have made a written request to the CEO are eligible for free membership.

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ASCB offers reduced dues for residents of certain countries. Learn more about Low and Middle Income Countries Membership Dues Structure.

ASCB membership runs on a calendar year basis, expiring each December 31. Membership dues are nonrefundable.

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