Member Types and Dues

Member Types

Regular Member

  • Individuals working in cell biology or related fields.

Postdoctoral Member

  • Individuals who hold a PhD or equivalent degree or have equivalent experience, are actively engaged in a training program, and whose applications are endorsed by their research advisor. Postdoctoral membership status discontinues if not renewed and may be held for a maximum of five consecutive years.

Educator Member

  • Educators who are actively teaching full-time at a two-year institution that does not grant degrees higher than Associate level (community college, junior college) or high school

Graduate Student Member

  • Individuals who are either doctoral candidates in good standing or working toward completion of a master’s degree, and whose applications are endorsed by the student’s research advisor

Undergraduate Student Member

  • Individuals who are enrolled as undergraduates, or who received undergraduate degrees within the prior two years and are not in graduate school, whose applications are endorsed by the student’s research advisor. Undergraduate membership is limited to six consecutive years.

Emeritus Member

  • Regular Members in good standing who are retired from active employment, were Society members for at least 10 years, and have made a written request to the CEO.

Citizen Member

  • Individuals who do not hold a doctoral degree and do not have equivalent scientific experience who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to the advancement of cell biology, are nominated by two Regular Members, and are put forward for Council approval after a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Member Dues

The dues amounts below are valid between October 1 and December 31, 2021. This covers a 15-month membership period that expires on 12/31/2022.

Membership Type 2021/2022 Prorated Rate
Regular member 1 year$226
2 year (5% discount)$390
3 year (10% discount)$536
Postdoctoral Member1 year$97
2 year (5% discount)$166
Educator1 year$69
2 year (5% discount)$118
3 year (10% discount)$161
Graduate Student1 year$62
Undergraduate1 year$32
Emeritus, CitizenFREE


ASCB offers reduced dues for residents of certain countries. Learn more about Low and Middle Income Countries Membership Dues Structure.