Committee for Postdocs and Students (COMPASS) Outreach Grants are intended to provide funds to ASCB members to promote science outreach projects–like visits to labs for students, organizing science fairs, or any other ideas for engaging the public.

For government funding of science to continue, we scientists must help people understand the importance of our work. For this reason, COMPASS is pleased to announce Grants for Outreach. These grants, of up to $1,000, will help ASCB members engage with local schools, science fairs, and society. We want to help you promote research, get the public excited about cell biology and improve the perception of scientists in your own local efforts.

The grant can be used for food and refreshments, materials, equipment, books or brochures, transportation, prizes, etc.

To apply for this outreach grant, you must be an active ASCB member, with priority given to Student and Postdoc members. Moreover, your event will have the support of a COMPASS member, who will be a liaison between you and the ASCB.

Looking for outreach ideas? Check out this video overview of a
COMPASS Grant-funded outreach program that helped science become art!

If you already have an idea of an outreach activity for your community, please proceed to the application requirements below. If not, we would like to encourage you to try one of these outreach ideas:

Bring students to your lab! Give a classroom of kids a full science experience by showing them where science is done and who does it.
Host a “Cell Biology Day” at your university, community center, church or any other venue that will draw public participation.
Are you judging a science fair? Ask for funds to give a special ASCB prize to a cell biology project.

Application Requirements

  1. A description of the proposed event, answering the following questions:
    • What are goals of the event?
    • Who is the event for?
    • What will you do during the event?
    • When will the event happen? (event must be complete by the end of 2018)
    • Where will you host the event?
    • How will the event benefit the local community/why do you think it’s important?
    • What is the message you would like your attendees to leave with?
    • Do you have any additional sources of funding? If so, how much and what will it cover?
  2. Organizers’ CV. Previous outreach experience (if any) should be highlighted.
  3. A proposed budget, itemizing and justifying the spending.
  4. A description of how you will document the event. (We want to show off your efforts so please provide fantastic photos, a heartfelt essay, examples of student’s work, an edited video, or anything else that you do well that we can post on our website).
  5. How you plan to acknowledge ASCB funding for your meeting?
  6. All funds must be reimbursed by the end of the calendar year.

Please submit your application here.

Upcoming deadline: January 12, 2019

Past Awardees