Tips for Getting a Postdoc and Being Successful

“Put Your Best Foot Forward” – Tips for the Postdoc Interview and Choosing a Lab by Lesley Weaver
11 Tricks for Using OneNote as Your Lab Notebook by Jessica Polka
How to Choose a Research Area by Sushama Sivakumar and Christina Szalinski
“Oh, the places you will go” – Tips for choosing a postdoc lab by Lesley Weaver
Tips for Writing a Scientific Review Article by Sushama Sivakumar

Tips for Getting an Academic Job

The Tale of the Funnel—Applying for Academic Faculty Jobs by Bruno da Rocha-Azevedo
Applying for Academic Faculty Jobs, Part 2: The Interviews by Bruno da Rocha-Azevedo
Preparing Your Academic Chalk Talk by Ashley Rowland and Christina Szalinski
How to Maximize Your Start-Up Package as a New Assistant Professor by Sushama Sivakumar and Christina Szalinski
Where to Find Research Funding Opportunities by Sarah Lewis

Tips on Making Career Choices

Where Will A Biology PhD Take You? by Jessica Polka
Nontraditional Careers: Science Policy by Christina Szalinski
Interested in an Industry Job? Internships during Your PhD Training Are Key by Jay Bhatt
Where Will You Go After Your PhD/Postdoc? by Andrés Lorente-Rodríguez
Medical Science Liaison: a career option for PhDs by Sayantan Chakraborty

Tips on Making Posters

How to Print a Fabric Poster by Jessica Polka
What on Earth Is an ePoster and How Do I Make One? by Christina Szalinski
The Perfect Poster: Let your objective, message, and audience shape your presentation by Beth Schachter

Tips for Grad Students

Why You Shouldn’t be Scared of Your Thesis Defense by Hashem Dbouk