Emily Summerbell is a graduate student in the lab of Adam Marcus at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on cell-cell cooperativity during lung cancer collective cell invasion. She is an associate member of COMPASS. Email: emily@amarcuslab.com

Bioprinting: Ethical and societal implications

In a recent ASCB Post article in the “What’s it all about?” series, Amanda Haage explains developments in the recent field of 3D printing with biological materials (i.e., bioprinting). Although these methods are still being fine-tuned, the field holds tremendous promise in such areas as  … Read more

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Cancer in English: Translating cancer cell biology for everyone through Instagram

In today’s age of social media, it’s easy for the sheer volume of posts and opinions floating around the internet to distract us. Communication on social media focuses heavily on quick ideas, immediate updates, and instant gratification and much less on the depth of information.  … Read more

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Controlling the chaos: trainee tips for keeping the lab organized

Labs are naturally chaotic places. There are multiple people in a small space all working on different projects in their own style and on their own schedule. At best, this controlled chaos can bring forth incredible collaboration and creativity, but at worst, a truly unorganized  … Read more

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