Journal of Cell Science meeting 2023: Imaging Cell Dynamics

This meeting will be the fourth instalment of our highly successful Cell Dynamics Meeting series, and will focus on ‘Imaging Cell Dynamics’. Emphasis will be placed on researchers addressing biological questions using the latest technologies rather than engineers and optical experts developing new microscopes to ensure the meeting still has a cellular focus.

This meeting represents a unique opportunity to bring together many different experts working at the interface between cell biology and imaging who use advanced light and electron microscopy approaches, as well as leading developers of imaging analysis approaches. With talks from an outstanding list of speakers and selected delegates, we hope to delve further into this important area of research and inspire PIs, postdocs and students.

Topics include:

Super resolution imaging
Correlative light and electron microscopy
Cryo-electron tomography
Organelle dynamics
Membrane trafficking
Neurons and neurodegeneration
Tissue dynamics
Immune response


Starts: May 14, 2023 12:00 am GMT

Ends: May 17, 2023 12:00 am GMT

Venue: Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

Cost: $900



Jane Elsom

(440) 122-3632