2021 Doorstep Meeting

The ASCB 2021 Doorstep Meeting will focus on the cell biology of neuronal homeostasis, neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration, with exciting research talks from senior and junior leaders in the field, including: George Langford, Pietro De Camilli, Frank Bradke, Ai Yamamoto, and Andrea Stavoe. The meeting will also feature a Panel Session on the Therapeutic Development, with experts from research foundations and pharma/biotech, including Shalini Padmanbhan and Lucie Bruijn.

The meeting will be highly interactive, with two networking sessions focused on science, and a third session focused on approaches to improve inclusivity in cell biology. The majority of talks will be chosen from submitted abstracts, giving participants the opportunity to present and receive feedback from session attendees.

The Doorstep Meeting is the ideal platform for junior and senior investigators to connect and jumpstart new ideas for therapeutic intervention.



Starts: November 30, 2021 10:00 am EST

Ends: November 30, 2021 5:00 pm EST

Website: https://www.ascb.org/2021doorstep/