Click Here to Login and Edit or Withdraw Abstract

Editing an Abstract

You may edit an abstract after submission up to the following deadlines:

  • If you submit by August 4, edit abstract until August 6.
  • If you submit by September 1, edit abstract until September 11.
  • If you submit by October 14, edit abstract until October 16.

To edit your abstract, log into the submission site (via the button above) and select blue pencil icon next to the abstract you wish to edit. Make and preview your changes, and Click Save and Exit at the bottom.

After these deadlines, contact to see if we can assist you with minor edits only.

Withdrawing an Abstract

  • You can login to the submission site and withdraw your abstract before the abstract deadline.
  • You can request abstract withdrawal before peer review via email to by:
    • August 6 for abstracts submitted by the August 4 deadline.
    • September 11 for abstracts submitted by the September 1 deadline.
    • October 16 for abstracts submitted by the October 14 deadline.
  • You can request abstract withdrawal via email to by October 23 so it does not appear in meeting publications. After this date, any withdrawn abstracts may still appear in the Annual Meeting Program, and the supplement to Molecular Biology of the Cell, but ASCB will attempt to remove it from the online program and mobile app.

All withdrawal requests must be in writing and must confirm that all authors have been notified and agree with the decision to withdraw.

Note: Abstracts that have been submitted successfully and paid for will not be refunded, even if they are withdrawn. The only exception to this rule is if you accidentally submitted a duplicate abstract (same exact title, text, etc.)