Advocacy Toolbox: The Two-Minute Speech

Monday, December 14, 10:30 am-12:00 pm, Room 33B

Simon Atkinson, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Dan Kiehart, Duke University
Sue Biggins, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Anthony J. Koleske, Yale University
Daniel Fletcher, University of California, Berkeley
Connie Lee, The University of Chicago
Holly Goodson, University of Notre Dame
Thomas D. Pollard, Yale University
Kathleen J. Green, Northwestern University
Mark Winey, University of Colorado, Boulder

If you were in an elevator with President Obama, how would you explain to him what you do? How do you explain your work to the chatty guy sitting next to you on an airplane? If you’re not sure or think you need to improve your explanation, you need to come to this session and improve your own two-minute speech with help from experienced science policy advocates.

Organized by the ASCB Public Policy Committee

Advocacy Toolbox: How to Start and Sustain a Policy Advocacy Group

Tuesday, December 15, 11:00 am-12:00 pm, Room 33B

Kellyann Jones- Jamtgaard, University of Kansas School of Medicine
Anthony J. Koleske, Yale University,
Julia Omotade, Emory University
Thomas D. Pollard, Yale University
Charles Easley, Emory University

Science policy advocacy isn’t limited to Washington, DC. Science policy advocacy groups are starting up at institutions all across the United States. Come hear from leaders of these groups and learn how they started their groups. Learn about are the do’s and don’ts and get tips on how you can start your own student group.

Organized by the ASCB Public Policy Committee