The San Diego Convention Center is ADA compliant. In accordance with the ADA, the Center is responsible for permanent premises access accommodations, such as wheelchair lifts, elevator standards, door width standards and restroom accessibility. The Center’s underground parking garage also has 31 ADA compliant parking stalls and elevator access.

There are two TTY phones in the Convention Center:

  • Admin Receptionist in the Administrative Office area, located on mezz level by taking elevator in lobby E or upper level by room 21, to the mezzanine and exiting to the right.
  • Lobby 6, bayside. TTY is connected to one of the 3 remaining payphones.

If you require special services, please mark the appropriate box during the Meeting Registration process.

Scooter and Wheelchair Rental

For scooter and wheelchair rental, click here or call 1-888-441-7575 to contact Scootaround, or contact any one of the following companies:

Accessible San Diego

Alternative Mobility
(619) 407.9390 Or
(619) 427-2525

All Home Medical Supply
858-769 0444

Eric’s Medical Supply
(619) 298-9640

Pacific Mobility Center
(760) 471-8884

Professional Medical Supply
(619) 449-0400
1-800-874-5192 or (619) 287-1224

Wheelchair Source

Interpretation Services (including American Sign Language)

If you need translation services for the 2015 ASCB Annual Meeting, please contact Language Services Associates (LSA) directly at 800-305-9673 or

Language Services Associates is a nationwide full service firm providing translators and interpreters in 180 languages.


For more information about accessibility, contact ASCB Interim Associate Director of Meetings Alison Harris, 301-347-9346.