ASCB publications include Molecular Biology of the Cell, CBE Life Sciences Education, the print and online ASCB Newsletter, The Post, and the COMPASS Blog.


Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC) is published twice per month online by the American Society for Cell Biology. MBoC publishes original and scholarly research reports that contribute significantly to the scientific understanding of the molecular basis of cell structure and function. MBoC serves as a forum for presenting in full the significant advances that arise from a combination of experimental approaches (e.g., biochemical, genetic, morphological, and immunochemical). Articles include supplementary datasets, video data, and previously unpublished data and methods that support the conclusions drawn. Accepted articles are published rapidly after acceptance through MBoC In Press.


CBE—Life Sciences Education (LSE), is a peer-reviewed journal of life science education research and evidence-based practice published by the ASCB. Online and completely free, LSE emphasizes teaching innovations and evidence of their effectiveness and is designed for educators at all levels and across all life science disciplines.

ASCB Newsletter

ASCB’s print and digital newsletter (published 8 times yearly) is full of science and policy news, member news, career and teaching advice, meeting announcements, and all the ASCB programs and initiatives happening throughout the year.


Science news and community stories to help you stay on top of interesting trends and newsworthy events.


Science news and community stories to help you stay on top of interesting trends and newsworthy events.


Weekly posts on career advice and other news of interest to postdocs and grad students.

Media Kit

ASCB Media Kit for print and web.

Insertion Order

The American Society for Cell Biology Newsletter is mailed monthly to every member of the Society.

The ASCB uses the Newsletter as the primary method to communicate with the membership. Each month’s issue contains timely information of interest to cell biologists. Popular features include society activities, the Public Policy Briefing, the Member Profiles, the Women in Cell Biology (WICB) column, Members in the News, Letters to the Editor, grants & opportunities, highlights of the Annual Meeting, meeting calendar, and classified advertising. Please reference our Media Kit for information the appropriate dimensions and file formats for your ad. Deadlines: The ASCB Newsletter is published 8 times a year. Space reservations and ad materials must be received by the first of the month prior to publication. Our full editoral calendar can be found in the ASCB Media Kit. For further information please email ASCB Sales, Phone 301-518-5990, Fax 301-347-9310.
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