COMPASS Committee Liaison: Sydella Blatch

Become a COMPASS Associate

COMPASS is now looking for applications from enthusiastic graduate students and postdocs. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and reviewed when quorum is reached or after semiannual deadlines (April 1 and October 1), whichever comes first. Applicants should submit a CV and a letter of intent to the COMPASS Committee Liaison stating why they are interested in committee membership, what they have to offer, what issues they would like to focus on and why. Applications will be reviewed by COMPASS and membership decisions will be sent by email in a timely manner. All successful applicants will join COMPASS as associate members, pending approval of COMPASS Chairs. Associates will be encouraged to join one or more subcommittees and actively participate in all COMPASS initiatives. Ahead of the May and December council meetings, Subcommittee Chairs will submit a list of associate members who they feel have contributed sufficiently to be considered for full member status. All full members of COMPASS must be approved by the COMPASS Chairs and the ASCB Executive Committee. Associates who receive approval will become full members of COMPASS in May or December. For more information about COMPASS structure, read the bylaws.

Contribute to the COMPASS Points Blog

Want to make your voice heard on scientific or social issues concerning students and postdocs? Consider writing an article for the ASCB COMPASS Points Blog. If interested, please contact Sushama Sivakumar.

Call for ASCB Ambassadors

The Membership and International Affairs Committee of the ASCB are happy to announce that the revamped ASCB Ambassador Program is looking for new members. ASCB ambassadors are the local voice of the Society, promoting ASCB events such as the Annual Meeting and opportunities such as awards and scholarships. Moreover, ambassadors will be involved in future outreach activities and surveys sponsored by the ASCB. We need enthusiastic ASCB members who can spread the news through personal contacts and through their institutional e-mail lists, graduate student and postdoc organizations, and social media. It is a great way to participate in your scientific society and is also a leadership opportunity. We currently have 34 ambassadors around the world, and you can be the next one!
Any current ASCB member can be an ambassador (although our preference is to have only one ambassador per academic department/subdivision). The list of current ambassadors can be found below. You may sign up to be an ambassador by emailing Marta Chacon. Please include your name, full affiliation, and a short paragraph explaining why you want to be an ambassador.


Current Ambassadors

Julie Brill SickKids
Anthony Brown Ohio State University
Paula Bubulya Wright State University
Arunika Das University of Pennsylvania
Ivanka Dilova University of California-Davis
Tony Harris University of Toronto
Nolan Hoffman Australian Catholic University
Aron Jaffe Novartis Insts BioMed Res
Don Kaiser Mercenary Lancers
Alyssa Lesko University of Notre Dame
Roy Long Med College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin
G.W. Gant Luxton University of Minnesota
Ichiro Maruyama Okinawa Inst Science & Technol
J. McIntosh University Colorado
Carolyn Moores Birkbeck College
Anthony Moss Auburn University
Mary Munson University Massachusetts Med Sch
Leocadia Paliulis Bucknell University
Ileng Ramachandran Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Melissa Rolls Pennsylvania State University
Anne Rosenwald Georgetown University
Partha Roy University of Pittsburgh
Juha Saarikangas ETH Zurich
Michael Schrader University Exeter
Michael Shelanski Columbia University
Beate Sodeik Hannover Medical School
Wenxia Song University of Maryland
Elias Spiliotis Drexel University
Daniel Ungar University of York
Ferran Valderrama St George’s University London
Francoise Gisou Van Der Goot EPFL
Claire Walczak Indiana University
Maureen Wirschell University Mississippi Med Ctr
Ronen Zaidel-Bar Mechanobiology Inst Singapore


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