Kate Carbone is a Ph.D. student in Ron Vale’s lab at University of California, San Francisco investigating the spatial organization of T cell signaling. Kate co-organized the ‘Bay Area Meeting for Lymphocyte Cell Biology’ in Oct 2015, and has been a COMPASS member since Jan 2017. She can be reached via email (catherine.carbone@ucsf.edu) or Twitter (@mKate)

ASCB Marches: After the dust settles

On April 22, more than 1 million scientists and science advocates gathered in 610 cities around the world to call for more evidence-based decision making, support for scientific research and education, and respect for unbiased expert analyses. ASCB members similarly showed up in force to  … Read more

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COMPASS marches with ASCB

Science is often thought of as an apolitical pursuit, and yet it is inexorably intertwined with government. So we as scientists must balance maintaining our effort to be non-partisans while publicly advocating for our profession. On April 22, there will be marches and rallies around  … Read more

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