Mandatory non-academic internships: A solution to the problem of PhD surplus?

The scientific community has been grappling with an over-supply of trained PhDs for some time now. The economic slow-down and major funding cuts have only exacerbated this problem. In the current environment, less than one in five successful PhDs manage to secure long-term academic positions. Th...

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The Early Career Meeting Grants: What’s New?

SPREAD THE WORD! Applications are now being accepted for ASCB’s Early Career Meeting Grants (formerly known as Local Meeting Grants) the next deadline is January 16, 2017! ASCB’s newly revamped Early Career Meeting Grants (originally ASCB Local Meetings) aim to re-focus on the education a...

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Tips to Combat Research Blues

Picture it: You’re in the throes of multiple experiments. Your lunch and dinner are often out of a paper sack and most likely eaten in less than 15 minutes. When you leave your house in the morning, it’s dark. When you go home at night, it’s dark. In fact, you know the janitor prefers two ...

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How to maximize your start-up package as a new assistant professor

For postdoctoral researchers wanting to pursue academic research, the first real and dream job after doing years of bench work is an academic position at a university as an assistant professor. The position may be at a scientific research institution with minimal teaching or at a teaching-centri...

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Tips for writing your manuscript

You have done your research and have publication worthy data. You are ready to tell the world about your discovery. You sit in front of the computer to begin writing your manuscript but you’re stuck before you start. Sound familiar? Manuscript writing can be a daunting task. Creating a blueprin...

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Funding Opportunities: The Indian Odyssey

“Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.” —Louis Pasteur ...

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It’s time to enter the Science Comic Strip Competition!

SPREAD THE WORD! It’s time again to enter the Science Comic Strip Competition hosted by ASCB’s Committee for Students and Postdocs (COMPASS)! Maybe you’ve spent hours laughing at PhD comics or #whatweshouldcallgradschool and you are inspired to create your own science comic (and if you’ve...

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Strategies for a Successful (Non-Academic) Career Search: an Interview with ASCB Executive Director, Erika Shugart

Introduction Biomedical training for graduate students and postdocs can be enhanced by attending career seminars and professional development workshops, as well as through conversations with research mentors, teachers, laboratory peers, or classmates. In addition to universities, several scienti...

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Peer mentoring as a scientific researcher

Learning and teaching during postdoctoral training is an important aspect of academic research. Obtaining advice from peers on research and training helps develop technical skills and also fosters scientific friendship. Teaching juniors or peers about the science and discussing scientific literature...

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Reflections on Making the Leap

At ASCB, and especially here on the COMPASS blog, we frequently visit the topic of non-academic careers. Many of us have discussed the growing imbalance in academia, with greater numbers of PhD students being prepared for a niche job market—the tenure-track professorship—that is not growing ...

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