Career Books

Published by the American Society for Cell Biology

Career Advice for Life Scientists I and II

Download a PDF.

Career Advice for Life Scientists III

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(reprinted in 2008 in a combined single volume)

Other Career Publications

Life Sciences Research and Teaching: Strategies for a Successful Job Hunt (PDF)
How To Get A Research Job in Academia and Industry
How to Get a Teaching Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PDF)
Thoughts on the Academic Job Search (PDF)
Tips for Writing a Teaching Statement (PDF)
One Job Title, Many Tracks: How To Prepare for the Academic Career That Best Suits Your Interests (PDF)

Resources for Educators

Cell Biology Questions and Learning Objectives (PDF)

Using Scientific Teaching to Address NRC’s BIO2010

2020 Vision: Overview (PPT)
The Changing National Landscape of Science Education (PPT)
Active Learning in the Classroom (PPT, PDF)
Assessment: Designing Your Classes for Meaningful Learning (PPT)