PAIR-UP Advance Imaging Workshop for Black Imaging Scientists

Oct. 4th – 7th | Time: 9AM-5PM EDT | Location: Rockefeller University Bio-Imaging Resource Center

The PAIR-UP Advanced Imaging Workshop is designed to provide training in the following major areas:

1. Advanced fluorescence microscopy using fluorescent probes, fluorescent biosensors, and including TIRF, Confocal laser scanning microscopy, and light-sheet microscopy.

2. Super-resolution techniques for live cell imaging including Zeiss Airyscan and structured illumination microscopy (SIM). In addition, the workshop will provide guidance on appropriate sample preparation, including choice of fluorescent probes and fluorescent proteins, and refractive index matching. The workshop is a hands-on workshop. Black imaging scientists are strongly encouraged to attend if you use or plan to use advanced imaging equipment

Who Should Attend?
• Principal Investigator (PAIR-UP Black Imaging scientist or
personnel from the PI’s lab)
• Postdoctoral Fellow (in lab of PAIR-UP PI)

Microscopes Used:
• Abberior Facility Line STED system
• OMX 3D-SIM system (API/GE Healthcare/Cytiva/Danaher)
• Visi Tech instant SIM (iSIM)
• Zeiss LSM 980 confocal with Airyscan

Learning objectives: After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and explain the optical principles of the instrument 
  2. Acquire digital images for documentation and analysis that accurately represent the biological sample
  3. Interpret the data and understand and assess potential artifacts
  4. Perform quantitative measurements from images using software on the instrument
  5. Determine which instrument is most suitable to acquire data to answer a specific biological question
  6. Establish stepwise workflow protocol to optimize data collection on the instrument

Featured Instructors:

Alison North – North joined The Rockefeller University in 2000 to establish and direct its Bio-Imaging Resource center, one of the world’s most comprehensive facilities for state-of-the-art microscopy and scientific imaging. North, a cell biologist whose research has included using immunoelectron microscopy to study muscle defects caused by Duchenne muscular dystrophy and ultrastructural studies of the cellular organization of epidermal cell-cell junctions, advises and trains hundreds of researchers from Rockefeller and other institutions in a wide variety of optical microscopy techniques.

Cost To Attend: The workshop is free to accepted applicants.

Application Deadline: August 26, 2022