Scientists helping scientists

As the rains from Hurricane Harvey came to an end along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, the generosity of ASCB members showed itself once again with offers of support ranging from bench space to places to stay.

ASCB members from as far away as McGill University in Canada to the nearby University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas responded to a plea from ASCB President Pietro De Camilli. Offers of assistance included the use of imaging, access to core facilities, maintenance of fly stocks, sample storage, and use of reagents. In his email, De Camilli also encouraged those in the hurricane area to post their particular needs.

“We are also mindful that we have colleagues among those affected by the storm,” De Camilli wrote in the email to members.“ Along with their concerns for family and homes, I am sure they are worried about the well-being of their employees and their labs. It may be weeks before they are able to return to their labs, and in the meantime, their lab-members will be unable to work and their research will be stalled.”

De Camilli continued, “As the ASCB has done in the past, we would like to offer ASCB members outside of the hurricane area the opportunity to provide support for colleagues whose lives and research has been disrupted by the storm. The ASCB has posted a registry through which members may list offers of available work space for students, postdocs, and others along with willingness to share equipment and reagents.”

Offers and requests for assistance can be posted and viewed at The website will be available for the next few weeks.

About the Author:

Kevin M. Wilson serves as Director of Public Policy and Media Relations for The American Society for Cell Biology. He's worked as the Legislative Director for U.S. Congressman Robert Weygand (D-RI) and as a Legislative Assistant for U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell (D-RI). He has a BA in Politics and American Government from the Catholic University of America. Email: