McKinley and Sheltzer to Receive 2016 Bernfield and Gilula Awards

Kara McKinley, now a postdoc in Ron Vale’s lab at the University of California, San Francisco, will receive the 2016 Merton Bernfield Memorial Award. The Bernfield Award honors a postdoctoral fellow or graduate student who has excelled at research. McKinley was selected for her graduate research in Iain Cheeseman’s lab at the Whitehead Institute on the key processes required for faithful chromosome segregation. McKinley recently performed a large-scale analysis using CRISPR knockouts to analyze the core requirements for cell division, and revealed critical insights into the roles of checkpoints for proliferation. McKinley was also second-place winner of the 2016 Kaluza Prize for Excellence in Graduate Research.

Jason Sheltzer, a Fellow and Principal Investigator at Cold Spring Harbor, is the 2016 Norton B. Gilula Award winner. The Gilula Award, funded by an annual grant from the Rockefeller University Press, honors outstanding graduate work. Sheltzer won for his graduate work in Angelika Amon’s lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he discovered that aneuploidy induces a transcriptional stress response that is well conserved among eukaryotes. He is also working to understand why women are systematically underrepresented in the life sciences. Sheltzer was a finalist for the Kaluza Prize for Excellence in Graduate Research this year.

The Bernfield and Gilula Awardees will present Minisymposium talks at the 2016 ASCB Annual Meeting. ASCB congratulates McKinley and Sheltzer and thanks the Selection Committee.

About the Author:

Christina Szalinski is a science writer with a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.