Early Career Meetings


Bay Area Cilia Symposium
San Francisco, CA. January 13, 2016

Third Puerto Rico Cell Signaling Meeting 2016
Bayamon, Puerto Rico. April 1, 2016

Third Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium
West Lafayette, IN. November 4, 2016
The Third Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium was held at Purdue University. This was a student/postdoc-organized initiative that was co-organized by Swetha Ramadesikan (graduate student, Purdue University), Sayak Bhattacharya (postdoc, Ohio State University), and Minal Mulye (postdoc, Indiana University School of Medicine). This one-day symposium brought together scientists and students in the Midwest region with expertise in membrane biology, trafficking, and signal transduction in health and disease and provided an opportunity to showcase student and postdoc research and a platform to foster collaborative efforts and networking among participants. The symposium included an external keynote address by Mark von Zastrow (University of California, San Francisco) and a Midwest keynote address by Nava Segev (University of Illinois, Chicago) and invited talks by scientists from the University of Illinois, Chicago; the University of Michigan; Indiana University School of Medicine; and Purdue. There were also poster presentation sessions by students and postdocs and a career discussion panel that was very well received.

Yellow Mountain Conference on Single Cell Dynamics
Hefei, China. November 4–5, 2016
This early career meeting promoted the synergistic interaction between ASCB and its counterpart the Chinese Society for Cell Biology in scientific exchange and collaboration. In addition, this early career meeting provided an interactive forum for graduate students and postdoc fellows in China to learn and communicate with their peers for advice as they pursue their professional careers in cell biology and biomedical research. The keynote speakers, Elaine Fuchs and Don Cleveland, are eminent cell biologists and serve as outstanding role models for graduate students.

Frontiers in Medical Sciences: Stem Cells & Diabetes
Istanbul, Turkey. November 18, 2016
A total of 350 researchers, clinicians, and students came together to discuss recent findings, trends, and future directions for the use of stem cells in diabetes therapy at this colloquium at Maltepe University. Sessions included three presentations by well-known scientists and workshops on immunophenotyping and determination of apoptosis. The attendees had the opportunity to visit the laboratories of the Maltepe University Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center. Ranan Gulhan Aktas, the director of the research center, said that they would continue to support events that are able to provide insight into stem cell therapies, especially for students and researchers. This was the third ASCB-supported event in Turkey.

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