Cells possess intrinsic health monitoring systems that endow them with the means to ensure physiological optimality. As organisms age, these systems become insufficient and can become dysfunctional or corrupted in disease. The sequelae of improper cell health monitoring and maintenance can lead to profound changes that render cells progressively less capable of dealing with any challenge, ranging from slight biochemical deviations to more extensive changes that could compromise cellular function or fitness, hence driving organ and tissue malfunction. Restoring cell health through cell rejuvenation strategies promises to reverse disease and the disabilities associated with age.

The ASCB-Altos Labs 2024 Emerging Concepts Virtual Minievent will focus on the basic mechanisms underlying cell health and homeostasis to advance our understanding of cellular rejuvenation. The vision for this meeting is to provide a framework for a new way of thinking about human health built on the relationships between cell health and bioresilience, and the capacity of living systems to maintain and restore tissue homeostasis as they age. The meeting will feature exciting talks from leaders in the fields of gerobiology, stress responses, and homoeostatic mechanisms. The meeting will also feature a session to highlight the research of junior investigators in the form of short talks. The talks will be selected from submitted abstracts.

Confirmed Speakers


Starts: April 11, 2024 11:15 am EST, 8:15 am PST, 12:15 pm China Standard Time

Ends: April 11, 2024 4:15 pm EST, 1:15 pm PST, 5:15 am China Standard Time (April 12)

Venue: Virtual


  • Diego Acosta-Alvear, Altos Labs, Bay Area Institute of Science
  • Pura Muñoz-Cánoves, Altos Labs, San Diego Institute of Science

Short Talk Presenters

Submit an abstract for an opportunity to present your research.

Abstract Submission Deadline:

February 12, 2024

  • Jodi Nunnari, Altos Labs-Bay Area Institute of Science
  • Birgit Shilling, Buck Institute
  • Manuel Serrano, Altos Labs-Cambridge Institute of Science
  • Up to 20 short talks selected from submitted abstracts.

Short Talk Selection

This event will have up to 20 short talks selected from submitted abstracts. The organizers invite abstracts from those working in any related area of research including cellular rejuvenation, cell health, bioresilience, gerobiology, and their relationships to human health and the biology of aging, as well as stress responses and homeostatic mechanisms.

Abstract submissions are due by February 12 and submission is free.

This Is No Ordinary Virtual Meeting!

ASCB’s Emerging Concepts series brings you new research from leaders working on the latest cutting-edge topics in cell science, in a highly interactive online format that helps attendees form new connections and collaborations.

During this event you’ll:

  • Hear from leading experts at the forefront of their fields—and you’ll be able to network with them too.
  • Come away with new ideas that can inspire your own work.
  • Have an opportunity to showcase your own work and receive valuable feedback via 5-minute talks and Q&As. Submit an abstract now.
  • Engage in small table discussions where you can meet and interact with colleagues in an intimate setting that allows for real discussions (see the video below).

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