Please note that this program has been retired. A new program providing support for regional scientific meetings will be launched in early 2020. Check back for details later in 2019.

In 2012 ASCB began offering grant funds to support Early Career Meetings organized by postdocs, students, and community college instructors at their local institutions. Organizers could request up to $1,500 per meeting, and the total annual investment by the Society has been $18,000. Although these programs were meeting an important local need, there has been no measurable increase in ASCB membership as a result of the meetings. Beginning in 2020 those funds will be repurposed to support existing regional scientific meetings held by other groups, such as the Chicago Cytoskelton meeting and similar events held in Research Triangle Park, San Francisco, and elsewhere. ASCB will be looking to partner with these existing meetings by providing logistical in-kind support (e.g., collection of registration fees and online abstract submissions, marketing the event, and providing travel grants). In exchange the Society will be able to promote itself to new audiences, raising brand awareness and visibility, developing sources of new members, and revenue sharing opportunities.