Virtual Meeting Vendors

FEATURESDigitell On24ZoomIMS Technology ServicesMultiViewGoToMeetingAdobe ConnectGoToWebinarCisco WebExBlueJeansCommPartners6ConnexInXpoDemio
Live streamingyesyesyesYesYesyesYesyes
Breakout roomsyesYesUnknownNot native, but can host multiple meetings at the same time (confirming number)
Virtual exhibit hall"exhibitor directory"noYes - I think.UnknownNo
Chat/Q and AyesyesyesYesYesyesYesyesYes
Recorded and Live SessionsyesyesyesYesyesYes
Password/Passcode ProtectedYesYesUnknownYes
Twitter FeedyesnoYesUnknownUnknown
Branded to organizationyes YesUnknownOnly invites and waiting room.
Dual Window - PPT and VideoyesyesYesyesYesYes
On demand contentyesyesYesUnknown
Mobile AppYesnoUnknownUnknownYes
Multispeaker deliveryyesYesyesUp to 6
Mobile FriendlyyesYesyesYesyes
Maximum attendees?
NotesSpeaker needs to be able to utilize zoom to access.Indicated they are being selective about new clients at this time. Looking for those who want to pivot to digital component longterm and not as a 1-time fix during COVID19 and handouts available