COMPASS Structure

COMPASS is made up of trainee (including postdoc, as defined by their institutional title, not ASCB member status) and student members of ASCB.

COMPASS is headed by two Chairs, one graduate student and one postdoc.

These individuals will be considered Co-Chairs and will have equal powers and share leadership responsibilities.

COMPASS Subcommittees will be headed by one or two Subcommittee Chairs.

Distribution of powers and responsibilities will be left to the individual subcommittees.

COMPASS Liaisons will be responsible for maintaining relations with other ASCB committees.

One COMPASS member will serve as Secretary.

COMPASS Membership Terms

Membership terms begin in December and are for one year, renewable. Current members should indicate their desire to extend their membership no later than June.

COMPASS Chair terms are for one year, with the expectation of renewal for a second year.

COMPASS Subcommittee Chair terms are for one year, renewable for up to two years. In subcommittees with two Chairs, leadership will ideally be staggered.

COMPASS Liaison and Secretary positions do not have a defined term limit.

COMPASS Membership Requirements

COMPASS membership is open to students and trainee members of ASCB, including postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates.

COMPASS members are required to participate in at least one project, in at least one subcommittee.

COMPASS members are required to participate in 3 google hangout meetings per year.

COMPASS members are expected to attend the ASCB Annual Meeting and help organize and run COMPASS events.

COMPASS members will complete a yearly self-evaluation and Subcommittee Chairs will submit reports on the activities of all subcommittee members.

COMPASS Operations

COMPASS-wide Google hangout meetings will be held once a month with both COMPASS Chairs and at least one Chair from each subcommittee.

The COMPASS Secretary is required to record COMPASS hangout meeting minutes and post them to the Wiki in a timely manner after each meeting.

COMPASS Subcommittee Chairs are required to produce written summaries of their activities every two months. These should be added to the Wiki and will include a brief description of each subcommittee project, the names of members working on the project, the current status of the project, and a list of actionable items.

COMPASS Liaisons are required to assemble summary statements of other ASCB committee meetings they attend and post them to the Wiki in a timely manner after each meeting.

COMPASS Applications

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and reviewed when quorum is reached or after semiannual deadlines (April 1 and October 1), whichever comes first. Applicants should submit a CV and a letter of intent to the COMPASS Committee Liaison stating why they are interested in committee membership, what they have to offer, what issues they would like to focus on and why.

Applications will be reviewed by COMPASS and membership decisions will be sent by email in a timely manner. All successful applicants will join COMPASS as associate members, pending approval of COMPASS Chairs. Associates will be encouraged to join one or more subcommittees and actively participate in all COMPASS initiatives.

Ahead of the May and December council meetings, Subcommittee Chairs will submit a list of associate members who they feel have contributed sufficiently to be considered for full member status. All full members of COMPASS must be approved by the COMPASS Chairs and the ASCB Executive Committee. Associates who receive approval will become full members of COMPASS in May or December.

COMPASS Membership Renewal

Current COMPASS members who intend to extend their membership an additional year should submit a renewal request in June. The request should include a summary of their accomplishments over the past term and a statement describing what they would like to work on going forward. COMPASS members should also indicate their interest in Subcommittee or Committee Chair positions at this time.

COMPASS Leadership Transitions

There are two COMPASS Chairs, one postdoc/fellow and one graduate student.

Nominees for COMPASS Chair should have served at least one term as a Subcommittee Chair.

COMPASS Chairs serve for one year, renewable to two, with the expectation that leadership will be staggered. COMPASS Chairs who express their intent to serve for a second year will be automatically nominated. However, the nominating committee reserves the right to advance other nominees for consideration.

In June, a nominating committee will be formed including COMPASS volunteers and a non-COMPASS moderator from the ASCB office. COMPASS Chair candidates should submit a short statement to the nominating committee in defense of their candidacy. The nominating committee shall seek and assemble further information about each candidate’s qualifications from current COMPASS Chairs, Subcommittee Chairs, COMPASS members, and COMPASS alumni. The nominating committee will meet as necessary to choose the nominees that will be recommended to the ASCB Executive Committee for approval as COMPASS Chairs.

COMPASS Subcommittee Chairs in coordination with their subcommittee members will nominate incoming Subcommittee Chairs, subject to approval by COMPASS Chairs.

COMPASS Chairs will appoint COMPASS Liaisons and the Secretary from a list of nominees or volunteers.

Ahead of the December council meetings, a membership roster and the names of proposed COMPASS Chairs will be submitted for approval by ASCB leadership.