Dear Labby

Whose Data Go Where?

June 7, 2016

Dear Labby, I am a fourth-year graduate student and have just done the most difficult and exciting experiment of my…

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A Case of Sexual Harassment in the Lab

May 3, 2016

Dear Labby, I have a sensitive issue: My friend told me today that she has had to fend off both…

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Resisting Intimidation

April 4, 2016

Dear Labby, I’m a graduate student in the second year of my PhD in Virology. My research is going great,…

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Graduate Now or Later?

February 16, 2016

Dear Labby, I am entering my sixth year as a graduate student in a PhD program at a top medical…

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Labby “Outed” as ASCB Honors Thoru Pederson

December 14, 2015

Ending ten years of excellent advice and clever misdirection, Thoru Pederson was “outed” Saturday night as Labby, the pseudonymous author…

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Finding Our Way

November 30, 2015

Dear Labby, We receive mentoring of all kinds, but many of my fellow students and I find it granular: helpful…

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Bombed My Defense!

October 30, 2015

Dear Labby, My thesis defense started out fine. It was the usual seminar (with my husband, our five-year-old daughter, my…

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Innocently Tarnished by Misconduct

October 7, 2015

Dear Labby, I am a finishing graduate student and my world has collapsed due to acts of research misconduct by…

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An Interloper?

September 1, 2015

Dear Labby, I am a faculty member at a U.S. medical school with my primary appointment in a department of…

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My Talk Runneth Over

August 20, 2015

Dear Labby, I am a fourth-year graduate student getting ready to give my first talk at a meeting. It is…

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