Raising Mental Health in the CellBio Research Community: Sidestep Stigma and Learn Peer and Trainee Support

Sponsored By: COMPASS and Dragonfly Mental Health

Maintaining mental health among academic researchers has become increasingly urgent. Mental illness among academics has reached epidemic proportions with approximately 50% of graduate and professional students suffering from depression or anxiety, too often resulting in suicide. There is a critical need to provide solutions for trainees and faculty who are struggling or are unsure of how to support their trainees. In partnership with the nonprofit organization Dragonfly Mental Health, this session will address two core issues limiting the elevation of mental health in academia – stigma and training. We will screen a video of prominent ASCB scientists openly sharing their struggles with mental health and their advice for trainees. Active listening training will equip scientists with the skills to provide support to struggling peers and trainees.

Learning Objectives:

1. Lessen stigma to openly discuss mental health in academia

2. Learn active listening skills to set boundaries while providing support for struggling peers and trainees

3. Learn how to bring destigmatization and mental health literacy training to your institution

Target Audience: Graduate students, postdocs, researchers, and principal investigators


Wendy Ingram, Executive Director, Dragonfly Mental Health

Matthew Akamatsu matt.akamatsu@berkeley.edu

About the Author:

This post was collaboratively written by several ASCB staff members.