Career Books

Published by the American Society for Cell Biology

Career Advice for Life Scientists I and II
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Career Advice for Life Scientists III
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(reprinted in 2008 in a combined single volume)

Other Career Publications

  • Life Sciences Research and Teaching: Strategies for a Successful Job Hunt (PDF)
  • How To Get A Research Job in Academia and Industry
  • How to Get a Teaching Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PDF)
  • Thoughts on the Academic Job Search (PDF)
  • Tips for Writing a Teaching Statement (PDF)
  • One Job Title, Many Tracks: How To Prepare for the Academic Career That Best Suits Your Interests (PDF)
  • Resources for Educators

    Cell Biology Questions and Learning Objectives (PDF)

    Using Scientific Teaching to Address NRC’s BIO2010

  • 2020 Vision: Overview (PPT)
  • The Changing National Landscape of Science Education (PPT)
  • Active Learning in the Classroom (PPT, PDF)
  • Assessment: Designing Your Classes for Meaningful Learning (PPT)