The LSE Editorial Board works with authors who have published in LSE to annotate articles that represent aspects of designing, conducting, interpreting, and presenting educational research (Frantz et al. 2024). This project aims to help scholars who are interested in understanding and applying education research. Below are links to articles and their associated annotations.

View our annotated articles here:

Chen C et al. 2020. The Impact of High School Life Science Teachers’ Subject Matter Knowledge and Knowledge of Student Misconceptions on Students’ Learning. Link.

     Coffman et al. 2022. Generating empirical evidence that teacher knowledge of student misconceptions is important.

Couch BA et al. 2017. Scientific Teaching: Defining a Taxonomy of Observable Practices. Link.

     Coffman et al. 2018. Teaching Scientifically.

Estrada M et al. 2019. The Influence of Social Supports on Graduate Student Persistence in Biomedical Fields. Link.

     Coffman et al. 2020. Testing a model: Identifying supports that influence science identity and intent to persist.

Ferrare JJ 2019. A Multi-Institutional Analysis of Instructional Beliefs and Practices in Gateway Courses to the Sciences. Link.

     Price et al. 2020. Mixed Methods: Comparing Modes of Instruction with Instructor Beliefs.

Gin LE et al. 2021 COVID-19 and Undergraduates with Disabilities: Challenges Resulting from the Rapid Transition to Online Course Delivery for Students with Disabilities in Undergraduate STEM at Large-Enrollment Institutions. Link.

     Frantz et al. 2022. Open-ended methodologies give voice to student experiences with accommodations during the pandemic-related transitions to online learning.

Hanauer DI et al. 2017. The Project Ownership Survey: Measuring Differences in Scientific Inquiry Experiences. Link.

     Dolan et al. 2018. Developing an Instrument.

Sana F et al. 2020. Optimizing the Efficacy of Learning Objectives through Pretests. Link.

     Price et al. 2021. Investigating learning objectives.

Schinske JN et al. 2017. Scientist Spotlight Homework Assignments Shift Students’ Stereotypes of Scientists and Enhance Science Identity in a Diverse Introductory Science Class. Link.

     Coffman et al. 2019. Spotlighting Diversity.

Stanton JD et al. Drawing on Internal Strengths and Creating Spaces for Growth: How Black Science Majors Navigate the Racial Climate at a Predominantly White Institution to Succeed. Link.

     Russo-Tait et al. 2023. Annotations of LSE Research: Asset-based research to uncover Black science majors’ community cultural wealth. (Annotation introduced here.)

Thompson JJ et al. 2018. Becoming a “Science Person”: Faculty Recognition and the Development of Cultural Capital in the Context of Undergraduate Biology Research. Link.

     Price et al. 2020. Recognizing potential among diverse undergraduates.

Zagallo P et al. 2019. Through the Eyes of Faculty: Using Personas as a Tool for Learner-Centered Professional Development. Link.

     Russo-Tait et al. 2022. Capturing instructor complexity with persona methodology.

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Annotated primary literature using a Learning Lens was pioneered by AAAS Science in the Classroom (, a collection of freely available annotated STEM research papers and accompanying teaching materials. We encourage you to pay them a visit, and consider using their papers in your classroom.