Andrew Kekūpa’a Knutson, Ph.D.

Project Title: Epigenetic Regulation of the Hypoxic Response in the Mouse Heart

University of Hawaii

Barbara Juarez, Ph.D.

Project Title: Dopamine Circuit Regulation of Morphine Reinforcement Across the Opioid Exposure Cycle

University of Washington

Anel Jaramillo, Ph.D.

Project Title: Neuropeptide-Dependent Parabrachial Control of the BNST During Alcohol Abstinence-Induced Negative Affect

Vanderbilt University

Agnes Karasik, Ph.D.

Project Title: The role of host mRNA cleavage by RNase L in viral infections


Caroline B. Palavicino-Maggio, Ph.D.

Project Title: Unraveling the neural basis of female aggression and dementia-related aggression: a systems biology approach.

Harvard Medical School

Charisse Winston, Ph.D.

Project Title:  Ethnoracial Impact on Blood-Based Biomarker Detection of Alzheimers in Primary Care Patients

The University of California, San Diego

Jenna R. Christensen, Ph.D.

Project Title: Evolution of Cargo Transport

The University of California, San Diego

Laura E. Newman, Ph.D.

Project Title:  The role of mitochondrial/ER contacts in the regulation of mtDNA release from mitochondria, innate immune signaling, and responses to viral infection

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Leah Gates, Ph.D.

Project Title: Integration of metabolism and chromatin in regulating gene expression in vivo

Rockefeller University

Nicole R. Sparks, Ph.D.

Project Title: Analysis of environmentally-sensitive epigenetic machinery during osteogenic differentiation

University of California Irvine

Theresa Loveless, Ph.D.

Project Title: Deep cell history tracking: engineering cells that write their detailed life stories into their DNA to study DNA damage

University of California Irvine

Yadira M. Soto-Feliciano, Ph.D.

Project Title: Understanding mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by chromatin adaptor proteins

Rockefeller University

Yvon L. Woappi, Ph.D.

Project Title: Delineating epigenetic coordination of regenerative cell plasticity

Brigham and Women’s Hospital