ASCB among founding members of newly launched Scientific Society Publisher Alliance

A group of prestigious not-for-profit scientific membership societies, including the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), have announced the launch of the Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA), an initiative focused on building awareness of and support for publication of scientific research by scientist-run scientific societies.  … Read more

Preprint comments: boon or ‘bog?’

The ultimate benefit of preprints (scientific manuscripts posted online before the completion of peer review) is the acceleration of discovery by making work available to scientific colleagues without delay. But there are many ways preprints benefit individual authors, too. One of the most immediate is  … Read more

Will Congress set back fetal tissue research?; Congress poised to reject Trump cuts to NIH, NSF budgets
October 2017 Newsletter

Will Congress Set Back Fetal Tissue Research? In the weeks before Congress adjourned for its August recess, the House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations lit the fuse to a legislative bomb. It didn’t make the news, it wasn’t tweeted, and most people on Capitol Hill  … Read more

ASCB fights to protect H1-B Visas; Science funding faring better in Congress than in the Trump budget
September 2017 Newsletter

Public Policy Briefing ASCB fights to protect H1-B Visas Since taking office, the Trump Administration has agitated for immigration reform, even launching the “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order in April to encourage the U.S. government and private companies to favor American produts and workers.  … Read more

The India March for Science

Four months after the global March for Science was organized in many cities of the world, India observed its own March for Science on August 9, 2017. Marking the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement, the India March for Science called for superstitions, divisive  … Read more

Opinion on GSI by Sam Dundon

For background and information on the GSI and NGRI, click here As a postdoctoral researcher in the process of seeking funding, I have had numerous discussions with other postdocs as well as graduate students and undergraduates about the current status of funding opportunities in this  … Read more

Opinions on the GSI

ASCB members may have heard about proposed changes at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to reduce the current hypercompetitive funding atmosphere that currently exists among NIH-funded investigators. Since the Grant Support Index (GSI) program was first announced by the NIH in May, it  … Read more

Opinion by Charles Easley

For background and information on the GSI and NGRI, click here Opinion by Charles Easley As an Early Stage Investigator (ESI) in academia here in the US, it’s becoming harder and harder to tell my trainees that the outlook is positive for them for a  … Read more

Opinion by Mark Peifer

For background and information on the GSI and NGRI, click here Note:  Our current biomedical research enterprise in the US faces a number of significant challenges. Here I focus on one of them—the impact that a flat budget and funding inequities have on mid-career faculty.  … Read more

Opinion by Jessica Polka

For background and information on the GSI and NGRI, click here Even after passing through the bottleneck between a postdoc and a faculty position, early career researchers face an uncertain future. This “survival curve” (found on slide 47 in this deck from Mike Lauer) shows  … Read more