Informational interviews: Four ways to transform weak ties into a strong network

Early on in my graduate career, I did a few informational interviews to learn more about different career options. I also helped design a “protocol” for conducting informational interviews, which we published at Science Careers (check it out for sample emails and lists of questions).  … Read more

Three ways to improve the culture of lab-life balance

You’re exhausted from working long hours, but have you ever asked yourself how you spent your time? We live in a science culture where we feel like we are good students or postdocs only if we show everybody how hard we work. Right? Not really.  … Read more

Practical tips to make your lab more sustainable

If you’ve done bench work in a cell biology lab in the last 10 years, you’ve almost certainly used a product called a mini-prep kit to purify plasmid DNA from a bacterial culture. Depending on how many samples you have, it can take a while,  … Read more

ASCB Receives NIGMS IPERT Funding for Diversity and Career Development Programs
October 2018 Newsletter

ASCB has received a five-year renewal award totaling over $3 million from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences’ Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training (IPERT) initiative, which “supports creative and innovative research educational activities designed to complement and/or enhance the training of a workforce  … Read more

Outreach, conference-style: the importance of attending scientific meetings that are not research topic-based

It is October, and most cell biologists around the world are looking forward to the ASCB|EMBO meeting in San Diego! The very best of cell biology and career development will be there, waiting for us. However, there are plenty of other STEM conferences that are  … Read more

Meetings Large and Small
October 2018 NewsletterDear Labby

DEAR LABBY: I am an assistant professor with limited funds for travel to meetings. Although I am a devoted ASCB member, I am torn between going to a large meeting like that hosted by ASCB and EMBO and a smaller one more directed toward my  … Read more

Society grant-funded symposium on translational cell biology a huge success

The Sunshine State made good on its name on a clear, late September day as over 160 scientists at all career stages from across the state of Florida and beyond gathered at the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville for the Second Annual Florida Translational  … Read more

How Cell Biologists Work with Radhika Subramanian: Building up proteins and spirits in academia

Radhika Subramanian is an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Currently, she is studying cellular structures built from microtubules, and how they assemble, to better understand their function. Her lab  … Read more

Trainee survival tips: the importance of self-care

Being a graduate student or postdoc can be hard at times. Okay, often really hard. Picture this: It’s very late at night, and we find a frustrated scientist alone in the lab, head in hands, completely exasperated, not knowing what to do next. Sound familiar?  … Read more

Spotlight: COMPASS Outreach Grant Recipients Spring/Summer 2018

Science is an endeavor that impacts everyone. The ultimate goal of science is the advancement of humankind, through exploration, medical technology, or conservation of our surroundings. Despite this overarching goal, much of the public remains uninvolved in the deep and confusing world of scientific research.  … Read more